Compliance Jobs Report: Oct. 9

Another busy Compliance Jobs Report this week. We have hires or promotions at Walmart, Google, Triumph Foods, HSBC, Ericsson, and many more; plus a bundle of workplace milestones to note; and some useful news for audit professionals between jobs. Also three intriguing job openings, from California to Texas — to outer space!

As always, thank you to all the compliance people sending me tips and links to keep this report going. We need your help to make the Report work, so send me some news! If you have a tip to pass along, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn.

Compliance Jobs News

We begin with the world’s largest retailer: Emily Buchanan has joined Walmart as director of ethics and conflicts of interest. Buchanan was last seen at Noble Drilling, where she had been director of corporate compliance and regulatory governance until last April. Based in Houston. 

Jonathan Malz has left his job at DBV Technologies, where he had been vice president and global ethics & compliance officer; to take up residence at Y-mAbs Therapeutics, where he is head of U.S. compliance and commercial law. Based in New York. 

In Lincoln, Neb., NTT Data Services has promoted Carrie Davis from senior manager for training to associate training director. Davis has been with NTT for 10 years. 

Gemini Trust Co., that cryptocurrency exchange run by the Winklevoss twins, has named Andy Meehan chief compliance officer for the Asia-Pacific region. Meehan comes to Gemini from Morgan Stanley, where he served as head of legal for the bank’s global financial crimes division in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Google has hired Teresa Kung as compliance lead for platforms and ecosystems. Kung joins Google from Pfizer, where she had been senior director in the anti-corruption office. 

UnitedHealthcare has given Deanna Simonds a new role as compliance director for dual products. (“I’m sorry, that’s a single product; I don’t do compliance for those.”) Simonds has been with the health insurance giant since last year, and previously had been director of compliance for health plans in the dual region of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Lance Kotschwar has joined Triumph Foods in St. Joseph, Mo., as director of compliance. Kotschwar previously worked at food giant JBS as head of ethics and compliance. Others might remember him from his stint at Gavilon Group earlier in the 2010s as chief compliance officer. 

Omnicell, an IT services business based in Pittsburgh, has promoted Roxanne Turner to vice president of corporate responsibility. Turner had been senior director of corporate compliance, and has been with Omnicell for 18 months. 

Allison Kiene has departed from insurance firm Sompo International, where she had been chief compliance officer. What’s next: she is now general counsel at Argo Group, another insurance firm. 

Sticking with insurance: the Ascot Group has named Steve Guijarro chief risk officer and head of exposure management. (“You’re exposed. Let me manage that for you.”) Guijarro comes to Ascot from S&P Global Ratings, where he most recently had been a senior director.

Fernando Guinzani has joined Vivo, an operating unit of Telefônica Brasil, as anti-fraud intelligence manager. Guinzani comes to Vivo from C&C Casa and Construction, where he had been security and loss prevention manager. 

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. has promoted Jaime Thompson, from internal audit manager to assistant vice president for internal audit. Thompson has been with the company, based in Charlotte, for five years. 

HSBC has named Francois Rossouw global chief financial controls officer, based in London. Rossouw previously worked at Ernst & Young for four years, where he was an associate partner and worked in the CFO advisory services practice. 

Samantha Molleda has picked up the privacy officer title at Westchester Medical Center in New York. She has already been director of compliance there since she joined the firm in March. 

Over in Kazakhstan, Zhuldyz Kydyrbayeva has joined Ericsson as a local compliance officer. She comes to Ericsson from Tengizchevroil, a Kazak energy business, where she had been investigations coordinator. 

Mi Sook Park has left her job as senior internal auditor at Ikea, where she had been for six years. Park is now at Danish manufacturing giant NKT, where she is senior manager for environmental, health, and safety. Park is also certified in ocean survival training and helicopter rescue — so if you ever need an internal auditor when swept out to sea, she’s your person. 

Lockheed Martin has hired Claudi DeYoung to work in risk management for its F-35 fighter jet division. DeYoung comes to Lockheed from Carnival Corp., where she had been director of enterprise risk management. Now I’m off to look up when Top Gun II comes out… 

Bayer has promoted Björn Dupré, from senior manager of compliance monitoring and investigations to director of monitoring and investigations. Dupré has been with Bayer in various audit and compliance roles for 10 years, working from Pittsburgh. 

And Anna Romberg has joined Swedish medical device company Getinge as executive vice president for legal, compliance, and governance. Romberg had been running her own governance and compliance firm, Anchor Integrity, since 2018. She had also been chief compliance officer at Cargotec until last year.  


Diego Oscar Camusso is celebrating one year at TicketLog, where he is director of controls. 

Rore Middleton is celebrating one year at Blueprint Medicines as senior director of compliance and policy. 

Richard Velardi is celebrating one year at SK Life Science as associate director of compliance. 

Maria Birenberg is celebrating five years at GSK, where she is ethics and compliance director. 

Irina Dragulev just hit 10 years at Pfizer, where she is currently head of M&A compliance and training. 

Christine Boucher is celebrating 20 years at Delta Airlines, where she is chief compliance officer. 

Vendors & Service Providers

Jeff Hrusko has left his job at Prudential Financial as director of compliance education. He is hanging a shingle as a solo compliance consultant under the name Creed Consulting

Steve Naughton has left his gig at StoneTurn Consulting (where he had been working on the Volkswagen monitorship) to join Loyola Law School as director of regulatory compliance studies and associate professor. Some of you may also remember Naughton from his CCO stints at Pepsico and Kimberly-Clark. Go Ramblers!

Refinitiv, successor to the compliance vendor previously known as Thomson Reuters, has acquired the Red Flag Group, the due diligence startup based in Hong Kong. Purchase price undisclosed, because private equity buyers are no fun.

For any audit professionals who are between jobs: the Institute of Internal Auditors and the software vendor Audit Board have created a $500,000 scholarship fund to defray the cost of continuing education courses. Look into it. 

Open Req Orders

Amazon is looking for a senior regulatory counsel for its Project Kuiper, to launch satellites into low-earth orbit for some high-speed internet idea. Job is based in Virginia. Negotiate a trip into space as part of the package, obviously. 

YETI Coolers is looking for an ethics & compliance manager. Job is based in Austin, Texas. 

Aperio Group, an investment management firm, is looking for a chief compliance officer. Job is based in Sausalito, Calif. 

Compliance Meme of the Week

That’s all for this week’s report. 

As always, if you have a tip or want to brag about your new job, promotion, career milestone, or anything else, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to give credit to the many hard-working people here in our corner of the business universe.

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