Radical Compliance boss Matt Kelly

The boss, Matt Kelly (at right)

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Radical Compliance, a website devoted to corporate compliance, audit, and risk management issues. I’m delighted to have you here.

Technically, Radical Compliance is the personal blog of Matt Kelly, long-time writer and observer of the corporate compliance and GRC scene. I was a writer, editor, and publisher at Compliance Week, 2003 through 2015; some of you may know me from my career there. I also speak frequently at compliance conferences and other events, and will pretty much shoot the breeze on any compliance topic with anyone who asks.

Here is where I post thoughts about government regulatory policy and the implications for corporate compliance programs; share best practices I learn from other professionals; and keep people current on news that’s happening in the compliance field.

You can learn more about my experience on my LinkedIn page, which lists my professional achievements, awards, work milestones, core skills, and all that other stuff that impresses recruiters and HR software.

If you want more information about this site in general, then check out our FAQs, below.

Q: So what is all this, exactly?
A: Foremost, this is where I post my thoughts about governance, risk, and compliance. Much will be brilliant, some might be garbage—nevertheless, I post them here for anyone who might care to read them. After all, you gotta stay current with your chosen profession, right?

I also want to keep in touch with everyone I know in the compliance community, and this seems like as good a vehicle as any to do that. I will post some information as a community service (other blogs to follow, events worth attending, news articles worth reading, memes to include in the audit committee presentation, podcasts to download, gossip to spread) simply because I love this stuff.

Q: Sometimes I can’t access your website at work, although I can reach it from my home computer. Why is that?
A: Most likely, you work either at a government agency, or a business with lots of government contract work; your IT security filters might block me because I use the word “radical” in the blog’s name. You can ask your IT security people to allow access to my site, and I promise—as mighty and powerful as Radical Compliance is, we pose no threat to the government.

Q: Are you going to ask me for money for this?
A: No. I worked at a news website, but this is not a news website. I ask for no subscription fees, I sell no ads. This is all free.

Q: So how do you make money?
A: I do some consulting work with people who have compliance problems, or who want to run their programs better, or need some writing projects done. Sometimes I do private research projects or work with nonprofits that have compliance-related missions. That work lets me post here, and the posts here help me get that work.

Q: You do private consulting? You know, I have this problem where—
A: Shhh, shhh! Don’t tell me your idea here! Email me at mkelly@radicalcompliance.com and we can talk. I’m always ready to help someone or just spend time shooting the breeze about corporate compliance or audit.

Q: OK, thanks!
A: Happy to help.