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What the Shootings Mean for Ethics & Compliance

This week Tom Fox and I dedicated our usual Compliance Into the Weeds podcast to the ethics and compliance implications of the mass shootings that happened in El Paso and Dayton last weekend. Nobody relishes analyzing something so painful for so many — but corporations are foolish to ignore what’s happening in this country, and…

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Great Example of CEO Setting the Tone


Compliance professionals talk all the time about the importance of “tone at the top,” that accurate but overused phrase that means CEOs should demonstrate the importance of disciplined, principled performance to their workforce.  Tone at the top has always struck me as one of those things where you know it when you see it —…

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Podcast: Lease Accounting Compliance Update


Confession: I love the new accounting standard for companies to report their costs for leases. Not so much because I applaud what the standard tries to accomplish (although I support that too) but rather, because implementation of the standard demonstrates so many compliance and internal control headaches today. Hear me out. The new standard —…

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Survey, Good and Bad, on Compliance


LRN has published a new survey of ethics and compliance professionals that says employees are still fearful to report ethics violations, and that too many senior executives still aren’t promoting ethical behavior in their organizations. On the flip side, LRN also identified several characteristics of high-performance organizations that echo other industry surveys about training and…

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Compliance Jobs Report: Aug. 2

Compliance jobs

A globalized Compliance Jobs Report this week, with compliance professionals on the move from London to Rio, Hyderabad to Dubai, Singapore to New York, and lots more places. We also have a slew of mergers in GRC vendor world, a bundle of job openings to note, and our Meme of the Week goes out to…

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When Sanctions and Cybersecurity Collide


Compliance professionals talk constantly these days about cybersecurity, third-party risk, and sanctions compliance. Now we have an example from the news that is one headache-inducing brew of all three — and also, I fear, a harbinger of compliance and risk challenges to come.  The company in question is Hikvision, a Chinese maker of security cameras.…

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Audit Drama in North Dakota!

North Dakota

Here’s an item sure to pique the interest of audit executives everywhere: the state auditor of North Dakota is in a hissing match with lawmakers there, who just enacted a law requiring him to seek approval from the Legislature’s fiscal review committee before his office conducts performance audits. The state auditor, Josh Gallion, says he…

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Podcast: CCOs Serving on Boards


Regular readers of Radical Compliance know that I believe ethics and compliance officers serving on corporate boards is a superb idea. More and more of the governance challenges boards face, as they try to position their organizations for success, somehow touch upon ethics and compliance issues. Well, who understands those issues better than professional ethics…

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Facebook, Power, and Antitrust Issues

Compliance officers have a lot to consider about this week’s news that Facebook will pay $5.1 billion in penalties and implement a raft of procedures to improve its privacy compliance. Above all, however, consider this: the market didn’t care.  It didn’t. While we were all busy analyzing what Facebook’s settlements with the Federal Trade Commission…

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Compliance Jobs Report: July 26

compliance jobs

This week’s Compliance Jobs Report has the new CCO at Carnival Cruise Lines, promotions at Walmart, news from Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of the West, and much more! A newbie GRC vendor is expanding, we have three interesting job openings, and our Meme of the Week goes out to Kermit the Frog. I…

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