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Guest Post: Boards & Compliance Committees

I recently spoke about the board-compliance officer relationship to a group of sitting audit committee chairs at major, publicly traded corporations. During the presentation the discussion turned to board structures and whether companies need a separate committee to oversee compliance (as opposed to the compliance function reporting directly to the audit committee). I think it’s…

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Governance Nightmare in Arizona


A stunning story of corporate misconduct out of Arizona this week: A special investigator hired two months ago by Hacienda Healthcare has quit, saying the board thwarted his investigation into how a comatose patient there was raped and impregnated — and his departure seems to have driven 10 other managers there to resign, too. You…

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More Cognizant FCPA Lessons


Now that we’ve had a long weekend to digest the FCPA enforcement action imposed against Cognizant Technologies last week, compliance officers have a lot more consider here. In many ways what happened with Cognizant is an excellent case-study for corporate ethics and compliance done right, with a few points to ponder about potential risks to…

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Stats on Third-Party Oversight


Uneasy with your company’s third-party risk? Looking for some validation that your organization is normal? No worries — a fresh survey from Deloitte confirms that plenty of other organizations have only a precarious grip on their third parties, too. The report, released Tuesday and based on data from a Deloitte webcast held in October, found…

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Boards Freaking Over Digital Risks

Protiviti has released its annual report on enterprise risks worrying the corporate boardroom, and across all 10 risks likely to occupy your time in 2019, one theme shines through — unease about corporations moving into a digital world. The report surveyed more than 800 senior executives and board directors around the world, across a host…

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Ethics, Compliance, and Corporate Value


We have one more point to explore about that new research finding that strong internal whistleblower activity correlates to better business outcomes — namely, why a speakup culture and better business outcomes are moving in step with each other, and why that two-step dance is only going become more crucial to corporate success in the…

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Why Corporate Culture Is So Maddening a Challenge


I don’t know that corporations will ever “solve” the predicament of building and maintaining an ethical corporate culture—but an excellent new report from the International Corporate Governance Network at least sheds more light on how intractable the problem is. The report summarizes a recent roundtable the ICGN held with the Institute of Business Ethics and…

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Toward Better Boards, and More Diverse Boards

Well, apparently now it’s the nominating and governance committee’s turn to be hammered on the anvil of corporate governance reform. We see the evidence everywhere: a report from the Government Accountability Office noting that at current pace, women will represent half of all seats on corporate boards sometime around 2055. Calls for more women, minorities,…

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The Board’s Role in Resilience: A Limited One

Yesterday I had the privilege to participate in a corporate governance forum in New York, talking about the board of directors’ role in building corporate resilience. Resiliency is a popular buzzword in governance circles these days, so I want to recap some of the main points here—because while I agree that the modern company absolutely…

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