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Lessons From Another Needless Death


America recently had yet another tragedy of a police officer shooting someone in her own home by mistake, in an incident fraught with questions about racism and overzealous policing. Compliance officers should study this case because it offers some important lessons about risk management. You might already know the story by now. Atatiana Jefferson, a…

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What CBP Tells Us About Subcultures


This week we learned that employees of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection operate a closed Facebook group, replete with racist, sexist posts about migrants and Democratic politicians. For corporate compliance and governance professionals who think about the challenges of building a strong corporate culture, the mess at CBP offers a cautionary tale. The facts…

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What Drives ‘Open Secrets’

open secrets

So there I was this week, attending the annual conference of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Texas. ACFE had asked me to moderate a keynote interview with Tyler Shultz, the immensely brave employee who endured personal and professional pressure to blow the whistle on Theranos.  You might already know the tale. Shultz, 28,…

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More on Boeing and Business Ethics


The more you consider Boeing’s mishandling of its trouble with the 737 MAX jet, the more lessons ethics and compliance professionals can tease out. This weekend I spent time pondering what Boeing’s decisions about safety software for the MAX say about the company’s supposed commitment to an ethical corporate culture. That led to this small…

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Adventures in Ethics and Social Media

Ethics and compliance officers might believe that this weekend’s standoff on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, between high school student Nick Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips, has nothing to do with their profession — no larger lessons for Corporate America, no insights about ethics worth our consideration. We’d be wrong. As messy…

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Nine Compliance Issues for 2019


Welcome to 2019, everyone! The federal government may be shut down, but corporate compliance never stops. Now that we’re done returning Christmas presents and deleting emails clogging our in-boxes, our thoughts turn to how the corporate compliance landscape might evolve in the coming year. Without further delay, then, my annual list of compliance issues that…

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CBS, Part II: It Gets Worse


We have an update to our first post about CBS earlier this week, examining the mistakes CBS and its chief compliance officer made while handling a whistleblower retaliation claim from actress Eliza Dushku. Dushku has now elaborated on the harassment she experienced on set for the show Bull, and her tale makes the judgment of…

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CBS Compliance, Culture Under Fire


Ethics & compliance officers may want to watch the latest corporate governance scandal unfolding at CBS, where the broadcaster’s chief compliance officer seems to have played the starring role in a whistleblower retaliation claim that cost CBS $9.5 million — and reminds us, yet again, how perilous it can be to subordinate ethics and compliance…

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Holy Grail: Study Ties Internal Reporting, Business Outcomes

internal reporting

Important new academic research published this week empirically confirms something most corporate compliance officers have long suspected: a clear correlation between more internal whistleblower reporting and better business outcomes. The research, from George Washington University and the University of Utah, examined anonymized whistleblower hotline data compiled by NAVEX Global. Basically, the researches devised several benchmarks…

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Michigan State Reorgs Compliance Again

Michigan State

Breaking news from East Lansing, Mich., today: Michigan State University has reorganized its office for ethics and compliance just four months after the department was created, consolidating the office into the university’s existing internal audit function. We last saw Michigan State blundering around the compliance world in June, when acting university president John Engler said…

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