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CBS Compliance, Culture Under Fire


Ethics & compliance officers may want to watch the latest corporate governance scandal unfolding at CBS, where the broadcaster’s chief compliance officer seems to have played the starring role in a whistleblower retaliation claim that cost CBS $9.5 million — and reminds us, yet again, how perilous it can be to subordinate ethics and compliance…

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Holy Grail: Study Ties Internal Reporting, Business Outcomes

internal reporting

Important new academic research published this week empirically confirms something most corporate compliance officers have long suspected: a clear correlation between more internal whistleblower reporting and better business outcomes. The research, from George Washington University and the University of Utah, examined anonymized whistleblower hotline data compiled by NAVEX Global. Basically, the researches devised several benchmarks…

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Michigan State Reorgs Compliance Again

Michigan State

Breaking news from East Lansing, Mich., today: Michigan State University has reorganized its office for ethics and compliance just four months after the department was created, consolidating the office into the university’s existing internal audit function. We last saw Michigan State blundering around the compliance world in June, when acting university president John Engler said…

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The Omarosa Compliance Lessons

Omarosa Maingault-Newman

Like so many other Americans this week, I’ve been both captivated and annoyed at Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s disclosure of conversations she secretly recorded at the White House. Worse, the more I watch this latest episode in the drama-rama otherwise known as the Trump Administration, the more I find valuable lessons for corporate ethics and compliance officers.…

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Another Compliance Lesson From Michigan State

Michigan State

One of the most painful failures to watch in corporate compliance this year has been the tragedy at Michigan State University: a culture of sloppy procedures and aimless oversight that allowed Larry Nassar, a doctor affiliated with the school, to assault hundreds of girls and young women for nearly 20 years. Nassar is spending the…

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SEC Talks Culture, Kinda Misses Key Point


The Securities and Exchange Commission has been talking up the importance of corporate culture lately, including two speeches already this week that touch on the subject. Corporate compliance officers trying to glean insights about what to tell your own boards about culture may want to take a closer look — especially to understand a crucial…

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Audit, Compliance, and Data-Driven Behavior

internal audit

Last week I had a guest post on Navex Global’s blog exploring the future of the internal audit function, and how a more powerful internal audit function might help the ethics and compliance department in new ways. Today we have a practical example from Fidelity Investments, and the news that it has recently sacked more…

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Starbucks and Policy Management Perils


Compliance officers live for policy and procedure most days. So as we study the regrettable incident of Starbucks and the Philadelphia police rousting two black men for sitting in one of the company’s coffee shops, compliance professionals should consider this point: at large organizations, a little bit of procedure can brew up lots of trouble.…

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Eight Compliance Events to Watch in 2018


Welcome to 2018, everyone! Now that we’re done returning Christmas presents, watching college football, and prepaying this year’s property taxes, our thoughts turn to how the corporate compliance landscape might evolve in the coming year. Without further delay, then, my annual list of compliance issues that should be worth watching in 2018. In no particular…

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The Importance of Purpose


Mission matters. Even at publicly traded companies, where so often “the mission” seems to be making ever more profit for shareholders— at the best of them, that’s not true. They still articulate some greater purpose, and believe that purpose is worthwhile. Their leaders like talking about that purpose, whatever it is. I’ve been reflecting about…

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