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Northam and Ethical Accountability


Another week, another challenging example of executive misconduct that ethics and compliance officers should consider. Our star this time around: Virginia governor Ralph Northam. Last week photos surfaced from Northam’s medical school yearbook, published in 1984. On one side of the page is Northam. On the other side is a photo of two unidentified men,…

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Policy Vehicles for Ethical Stances


Lately I’ve been wondering about companies that take a strong stance on some public policy issue: gun violence, immigration, climate change, and so forth. My question isn’t so much why a company does this; modern times have seared social issues into the public conversation. Rather, my question is how. That is, once senior executives do…

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Salesforce Runs Into Trump Risk

Trump Risk

Another intriguing dimension to Trump Risk emerged last week, this time involving and a tart rebuke from one of the groups fighting to stop the Trump Administration from separating migrant families at the border. The story is this: In March, Salesforce signed a contract to provide staffing software and services to the U.S. Customs…

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Corporate Ethics & Politics: It’s Gonna Get Worse


Corporations, especially those in the consumer and tech sectors, are in a tough spot these days. Last week’s crisis of the Trump Administration separating migrant children from their parents was a company’s worst nightmare: a ferocious clash of moral values, political agendas, and business objectives, all squirming under the unblinking eye of social media. Every…

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Roseanne, Corporate Priorities, and Social Media


ABC canceled the second season of the revived Roseanne on Tuesday afternoon, hours after Roseanne Barr shot a racist tweet across the Internet — yet another reminder that life comes at you fast in the social media age, so Corporate America should know its priorities and how they shape the decisions you make. Barr sent…

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AT&T Wins Ethics Award, Looks Ridiculous


Well this is awkward: AT&T won an award for corporate ethics earlier this week — just hours before news broke that the company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Trump’s personal lawyer last year in what looks like a bribe to help curry favor with the Trump Administration. The award came on May…

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Ethics and Firing David Shulkin

We should never underestimate the Trump Administration’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of ethical victory. That certainly seems to be the case with last week’s firing of David Shulkin, now former secretary of Veterans Affairs. Compliance officers in the corporate realm should take note, so your CEO doesn’t shoot your ethics program in…

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The Core Ethics Challenge in Facebook’s Flop

The scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica could go down any number of rabbit holes, many of them lost in the legal technicalities of whether Facebook did or did not suffer a breach of its users’ personal data. Ethics and compliance officers should keep focus on the larger issue. And no story within this story…

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2018 World’s Most Ethical Announced

Ethisphere announced its 2018 list of World’s Most Ethical Companies today. Corporate compliance officers know what that means — you’re about to get a bunch of ‘Why aren’t WE on this list???” emails from your CEO and board. This year 135 lucky compliance officers will not get that email, since their companies made the cut.…

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Corporate Ethics, and Glitches, in Houston

Our usual discussions of corporate ethics and compliance seem a bit out of tune this week, given Hurricane Harvey and the tremendous suffering it has poured down on millions of Texans. So today let’s hopscotch through a few examples of corporations trying to maintain ethics, moral values, or good common sense in these trying times.…

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