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AT&T Wins Ethics Award, Looks Ridiculous


Well this is awkward: AT&T won an award for corporate ethics earlier this week — just hours before news broke that the company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Trump’s personal lawyer last year in what looks like a bribe to help curry favor with the Trump Administration. The award came on May…

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Ethics and Firing David Shulkin

We should never underestimate the Trump Administration’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of ethical victory. That certainly seems to be the case with last week’s firing of David Shulkin, now former secretary of Veterans Affairs. Compliance officers in the corporate realm should take note, so your CEO doesn’t shoot your ethics program in…

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The Core Ethics Challenge in Facebook’s Flop

The scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica could go down any number of rabbit holes, many of them lost in the legal technicalities of whether Facebook did or did not suffer a breach of its users’ personal data. Ethics and compliance officers should keep focus on the larger issue. And no story within this story…

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2018 World’s Most Ethical Announced

Ethisphere announced its 2018 list of World’s Most Ethical Companies today. Corporate compliance officers know what that means — you’re about to get a bunch of ‘Why aren’t WE on this list???” emails from your CEO and board. This year 135 lucky compliance officers will not get that email, since their companies made the cut.…

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Corporate Ethics, and Glitches, in Houston

Our usual discussions of corporate ethics and compliance seem a bit out of tune this week, given Hurricane Harvey and the tremendous suffering it has poured down on millions of Texans. So today let’s hopscotch through a few examples of corporations trying to maintain ethics, moral values, or good common sense in these trying times.…

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Trump Tests Corporate America’s Commitment to Values

Core Values

Yet again, on a certain abstract level, corporate compliance officers owe President Trump a debt of thanks. Rarely has one chief executive given us so many lessons to learn about poor tone at the top and unethical behavior. This week’s lessons, of course, stem from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.…

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Tone at Top Gone Wrong: The Christie Example

Nothing says “America!” these days like righteous indignation at a fellow American doing something we don’t like. So as we return from our Fourth of July holiday, let’s all give thanks to one American who cultivates that spirit and gives chief compliance officers a great example to cite next time you’re talking with the CEO…

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FCPA Enforcement in Trump Era: Example 1


Two weeks ago we had our first FCPA enforcement action under the Trump Administration: a decision not to prosecute Linde Corp., a German chemical company that confessed sketchy transactions a subsidiary made with officials from the Republic of Georgia nearly 10 years ago. As the first FCPA action we’ve seen in the Age of Trump,…

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EpiPen Fiasco Shows Corporate America Like It Is


Start with this fact fixed in your mind before we begin talking about Mylan Labs and its EpiPen: a company’s stock price is determined by its future earnings growth. You can look up how corporate finance theorists reached that conclusion if you want. For our purposes here—which are to examine how Mylan landed in such…

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