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IIA Proposes Three Lines Update

internal audit

Internal audit professionals, fire up your keyboards. The Institute of Internal Auditors is calling for public comment about possible updates to its Three Lines of Defense model of risk assurance. The proposed updates are now available on the IIA’s website. You can download, read, and ponder them at your leisure; and start offering feedback on…

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News on CCO Titles, Reporting Structure


Ethisphere has released another analysis of its World’s Most Ethical companies, finding a move toward a more clearly defined chief ethics & compliance officer role and more direct reporting to senior leadership. The study, released on Thursday, is the second in a series of reports Ethisphere is publishing about the 128 firms that made its…

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Governance Nightmare in Arizona


A stunning story of corporate misconduct out of Arizona this week: A special investigator hired two months ago by Hacienda Healthcare has quit, saying the board thwarted his investigation into how a comatose patient there was raped and impregnated — and his departure seems to have driven 10 other managers there to resign, too. You…

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Event: Governance Forum, Jan. 23

Next week I have the privilege of moderating an executive forum in Philadelphia, where four stellar thinkers about compliance, audit, and corporate governance will be discussing some of the big issues emerging for executives and board directors in 2019. To focus my thoughts, I’ve been pondering: what are some of the big issues emerging for…

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SEC Lists Rules for Review


The Securities and Exchange Commission quietly proposed Wednesday afternoon to review whether dozens of corporate governance and proxy rules should apply to small filers: everything from executive compensation disclosure, to posting proxy materials online, to shareholders’ ability to nominate board directors, and more. The timing of the notice — posted just a few hours before…

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The Many Lessons of Elon Musk


Corporate executives can learn a lot from the daring and vision of Elon Musk — just probably not in the way that Musk might prefer. His tenure at Tesla lately has become a living case study in how not to govern a large organization. That’s been the fundamental problem with Musk for quite some time:…

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Guest Column: COSO at a Tipping Point?


Nearly 30 years ago as young bank auditor, I learned about a private sector initiative known as “The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission,” or more simply, “COSO.” It was the mid-1980s. The savings & loan crisis was raging. COSO was, and continues to be, a joint effort of five private sector organizations…

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BlackRock Pushes Culture, Policy Questions


Annual meeting season gets underway soon, and that means boards of directors meeting with powerful shareholder groups. This year’s season promises to be a bit different, as those investor groups ask pointed questions to boards about corporate culture and whistleblower retaliation. Ethics and compliance officers might want to consider the role they can play here.…

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Compliance Lessons in Cardinal Governance Fight


We have an update to that corporate governance drama at Cardinal Health, where the Teamsters were trying to strip the CEO of his role as board chairman, and cited excessive pay to the company’s chief compliance officer as evidence of poor leadership. Their campaign worked. Granted, their shareholder proposal failed to win a majority at…

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Car-Crash Governance at Uber


Even before Uber’s board met this weekend to consider putting CEO Travis Kalanick on leave, this company fascinated me. It should fascinate every compliance professional, really—since Uber demonstrates so many ways that things can go wrong through inattention to governance, ethics, and compliance. A full litany of Uber’s problems is available from a New York…

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