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Sales Rep’s Job Is Real Grind

Well, here’s one way to let it all hang out: a former sales rep for opioid maker Insys testified in federal court this week that her boss, an ex-stripper, tried to win favor with a physician by giving him a lap dance. That revealing business practice came to light as four Insys executives stand trial…

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Starbucks and Policy Management Perils


Compliance officers live for policy and procedure most days. So as we study the regrettable incident of Starbucks and the Philadelphia police rousting two black men for sitting in one of the company’s coffee shops, compliance professionals should consider this point: at large organizations, a little bit of procedure can brew up lots of trouble.…

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Simple Ethics Lesson of Tom Price


So here’s my first question about Tom Price, now former Department of Health and Human Services secretary, sacked on Friday for flitting around the world on private jets at taxpayer expense. How’d he get back home to Atlanta? Second question. Price racked up more than $1 million in travel costs. When he last week offered…

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Secretary Mattis’ Insights on Ethics


We begin this week with a round of praise for James Mattis, U.S. secretary of defense. On Friday Mattis circulated a memo to Defense Department staff stressing the importance of ethics, saying he expects all DoD staff “to play the ethical midfield.” The message isn’t long: five staccato paragraphs squeezed onto one typewritten page. I…

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Two Compliance Lessons From Baseball Today

A big thank you goes to Major League Baseball today, for giving compliance officers a great example of why their jobs are important—both the big picture stuff about ethics and values, and the nitty-gritty stuff about internal controls. A gift like that doesn’t come along often. The example is the $2 million fine and surrender…

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