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Great Example of CEO Setting the Tone


Compliance professionals talk all the time about the importance of “tone at the top,” that accurate but overused phrase that means CEOs should demonstrate the importance of disciplined, principled performance to their workforce.  Tone at the top has always struck me as one of those things where you know it when you see it —…

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Tackling AI and Ethics Issues Intelligently


You can learn a lot from Google — including, apparently, how corporations might approach the delicate matter of ethics and artificial intelligence. Because Google tried exactly that not long ago, failed in a painfully public way, and raised numerous AI lessons for ethics and compliance professionals to consider before your company tries this at home.…

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When Ethics and Policy Collide


Policy management buffs, put on your thinking caps. A school lunch program in New Hampshire has given us a doozy of an example to consider about ethical conduct, strategic priorities, and third-party management. You may have seen the story already. A cafeteria worker at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan, N.H., was fired the…

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Oh F—! Ethics Boss Quits on Swearing Scandal


Talk about going off the rails: the head of the New York-New Jersey Port Authority’s ethics committee has resigned after a video surfaced of her swearing at police officers who had pulled over her daughter during a traffic stop. Caren Turner, appointed to the board of the Port Authority last year, quit abruptly on April…

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Secretary Mattis’ Insights on Ethics


We begin this week with a round of praise for James Mattis, U.S. secretary of defense. On Friday Mattis circulated a memo to Defense Department staff stressing the importance of ethics, saying he expects all DoD staff “to play the ethical midfield.” The message isn’t long: five staccato paragraphs squeezed onto one typewritten page. I…

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Ethics, Politics, and Optics in New Washington


The farce that unfolded in the House of Representatives this week over the independent Office of Congressional Ethics is an important reminder for compliance professionals—of just how weak the Republican grasp on power actually is, and how much (or how little) Washington might accomplish in the coming year. What happened, essentially, was this. First, Republicans lawmakers…

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