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All the Cool Kids Worry About Fintech Now

Finally, proof that U.S. regulators can grasp new trends or stay current on modern business issues: with startling speed and coordination, every regulator who’s any regulator has started worrying about fintech. “Fintech” is startup-speak for financial technology, a branch of the financial world that was huge already, and for some reason has suddenly captivated regulators attention all over again.…

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Implementing Compliance for Robo-Advisers: 4 Points

Well, so much for automating your investment advisers out of a job and not worrying about that part of the business any more. Last week FINRA published new guidance about robo-advisers, or in agency parlance, “digital investment advice”—the automated investment tools financial firms offer to customers so they can self-pilot stock portfolios, IRA accounts, and…

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Meeting FINRA’s Focus on Culture for 2016 Reviews

Good news for compliance officers joyously eager to participate in your firm’s FINRA reviews this year: FINRA has just published its examination priorities for 2016, and you will be involved up to your eyeballs. FINRA grouped its exam priorities into the categories of culture and ethics; risk management and controls; and liquidity. None of those is…

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