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CBS Beefs Up Ethics & Compliance


Here’s something worth watching: CBS has announced a raft of measures to improve its ethics and compliance program, after blistering headlines about sexual harassment and retaliation in its executive offices and on the sets of its TV programs. Most notably, CBS will place “human resources production partners” on set at all of its programs, so…

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Tech Workers Suspect Harassment Payouts


Ethical culture warriors, reflect on this: a new survey of technology workers finds that one-third of them believe their companies give generous payouts to employees leaving amid allegations of sexual misconduct. The survey was conducted by Blind, an online social network that allows employees to talk about their companies anonymously. Blind simply asked: “True or…

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How to Undermine #MeToo


We have another useful lesson for ethics and compliance officers today from the world of politics: a small but telling glimpse into how men misinterpret the #MeToo movement and stifle attempts to speak up about sexual harassment. This example comes courtesy of Kevin Cramer, Republican congressman from North Dakota. Cramer is now running for Senate…

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Kavanaugh and Compliance, Part II


Exactly one week ago, all we knew about Brett Kavanaugh’s personal conduct was that one woman had accused him of sexual assault 35 years ago when they were both high school students; and that Kavanaugh denied the allegations. Well, a lot can change in one week. Today we have a broader collection of allegations against…

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The Kavanaugh Compliance Lessons


Now that Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has turned into a #MeToo meltdown, ethics and compliance officers should roll up their sleeves. Peel away the political dimension to this mess, and plenty of lessons emerge about investigations, whistleblower reports, and corporate values that are worth contemplating. We have several threads to pull: how…

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The Jim Jordan Compliance Angle…


Interesting detail about the proto-scandal swirling around Jim Jordan, the Republican congressman accused of turning a blind eye to sexual misconduct on the Ohio State wrestling team when he was assistant coach there: Jordan might have violated the school’s sexual harassment Code of Conduct. For those not following this story, Jordan has represented Ohio’s 4th…

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Dallas Mavericks Scramble on Compliance


The Dallas Mavericks, hobbled recently by allegations of sexual misconduct and workplace bullying, are looking to hire a chief ethics and compliance officer. The Mavericks posted the job last week, after a damning expose in Sports Illustrated that alleged a long history of sexual misconduct and dysfunctional culture at the team. No word on salary,…

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So Much Wynning You Can’t Stand It


As compliance officers consider the story of Steve Wynn and the sexual misconduct allegations against him, we should start by acknowledging one crucial fact. Wynn is a good businessman. His accomplishments don’t lie. Wynn remade the Las Vegas Strip into what we know today. He built Golden Nugget, the Mirage, the Bellagio, and most recently…

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Fighting Harassment Where It Lives


Compliance professionals who want to talk about sexual harassment this morning have a big problem: too many examples to choose from. We could start with Harvey Weinstein, and the misgovernance at his production company; just read the Financial Times article from this weekend reviewing the conflicts of interest and boardroom machinations that torpedoed internal investigations…

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O’Reilly, Fox, Compliance, and Culture

Compliance officers should watch the unfolding mess at Fox News with a great deal of unease. The sexual harassment claims against its star talk show host, Bill O’Reilly, have nothing to do with regulatory compliance per se—but they have much to do with corporate values and culture, an important but blurry part of the compliance…

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