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Another Lesson From Boeing: Silos


Boeing’s missteps with the 737 Max jet offer many powerful lessons for corporate compliance, audit, and risk executives. Our latest lesson comes from an in-depth article in the New York Times, examining the decisions Boeing made about the jet’s design and subsequent pilot training, and the terrible consequences that followed. Every compliance and audit professional…

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Anti-Fraud Triangle Paper

anti-fraud triangle

As devout Radical Compliance readers might already know, from time to time I have written about something I call the Anti-Fraud Triangle—a method of assessing misconduct risk in your organization, based on the Fraud Triangle that auditors have used for decades to understand fraud risk. Well, I just published a longer white paper on the…

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Do We Have a Problem With Compliance Risk Assessments?

operational resiliency

This week I dove into PwC’s annual State of Compliance Report, reading the report itself and eavesdropping on a webcast with the PwC compliance gurus who wrote it. The study has plenty of data worth reading, and one conclusion from that data jumped out at me immediately. We have some disconcerting patterns emerging in how…

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