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Ethics and Stupid Social Media Posts

I came across a report this weekend — no, not that report — that ethics and compliance professionals might want to contemplate. It was a news report about a spokesman for the Federal Highway Administration, who has said offensive things on Twitter. The tweets came from one Doug Hecox, your standard-issue government functionary whom almost…

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Adventures in Ethics and Social Media

Ethics and compliance officers might believe that this weekend’s standoff on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, between high school student Nick Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips, has nothing to do with their profession — no larger lessons for Corporate America, no insights about ethics worth our consideration. We’d be wrong. As messy…

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Roseanne, Corporate Priorities, and Social Media


ABC canceled the second season of the revived Roseanne on Tuesday afternoon, hours after Roseanne Barr shot a racist tweet across the Internet — yet another reminder that life comes at you fast in the social media age, so Corporate America should know its priorities and how they shape the decisions you make. Barr sent…

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