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Study: Second-Hand Reports More Reliable


Some news that’s both useful to corporate compliance officers and totally relevant to our political drama in Washington: fresh research shows that whistleblower reports based on second-hand information tend to be more reliable than those from first-hand reporters.  Moreover, second-hand reports are more likely to be about accounting or business integrity issues; and the more…

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Some Points on Why People Stay Silent


Ethics and compliance officers often need to consider the psychology of whistleblower retaliation and the culture of silence around corporate misconduct. Why do groups of people tolerate things they know are wrong? Why do people punish those who sound the alarm, rather than join them in defense of what’s right?  As you ponder those questions,…

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Sharp(ie) Insights Into Speakup Culture

We return today to leadership lessons from President Trump, who has given us another example of how not to lead large organizations. Compliance professionals who care about developing a speakup culture should take note, since Trump’s behavior illuminates several important points about the relationship between CEO and employees. The incident in question is, of all…

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Survey, Good and Bad, on Compliance


LRN has published a new survey of ethics and compliance professionals that says employees are still fearful to report ethics violations, and that too many senior executives still aren’t promoting ethical behavior in their organizations. On the flip side, LRN also identified several characteristics of high-performance organizations that echo other industry surveys about training and…

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Call for U.S. Olympics CCO


A special commission reviewing the sorry state of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee has published its final report, calling for the appointment of a chief compliance officer and sweeping reforms to the Olympic Committee’s corporate culture. Known as the Borders Commission, the group was established last year to review how the USOPC mishandled the…

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How Good Training Finds Its Wings


I spent most of last week on vacation in California, which required a cross-country flight to get there. Since compliance professionals fly all the time, you know what that means: flight safety videos.  And, naturally, thoughts on compliance training.  After all, one of the biggest challenges for compliance training is how to keep the material…

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Notes on Managers & Internal Reporting


Ethisphere has released its latest study of ethics and compliance best practices, this time exploring the crucial role that managers play in supporting a strong culture of ethics and internal reporting. Compliance professionals should give the report a read because, as usual, these best practice studies give you a lot to think about. This report…

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Tech Workers Suspect Harassment Payouts


Ethical culture warriors, reflect on this: a new survey of technology workers finds that one-third of them believe their companies give generous payouts to employees leaving amid allegations of sexual misconduct. The survey was conducted by Blind, an online social network that allows employees to talk about their companies anonymously. Blind simply asked: “True or…

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More on Internal Reporting Data

internal reporting

Last week we presented new academic research that found a strong correlation between more internal whistleblower reporting and better business outcomes: fewer material lawsuits against the company, smaller legal settlements, better corporate governance, and even higher profitability metrics. This is crucial material for compliance officers that raises lots of issues to explore. So today we’re…

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