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Talking Compliance Analytics at AB-InBev


We have another Radical Compliance podcast today, this time looking at data analytics and integration challenges at the largest beer brewer in the world: Anheuser-Busch InBev. For anyone considering more analytics in your compliance program (which should be all of you) this chat with Matt Galvin, vice president of ethics and compliance at AB-InBev, is…

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Report: Compliance Teams Still Have Money


Thomson Reuters published on Tuesday another cost of compliance survey, this one polling more than 800 compliance executives in financial firms around the world. Among the bits of news: plenty of firms aren’t cutting their compliance staffs and aren’t cutting their budgets. For example, 61 percent of respondents said they expect their budgets to increase…

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Podcast: Materials Declarations and IPC-1754


Our latest Radical Compliance podcast is for heavy industry, aerospace, and defense contractors  grappling with hazardous materials in the supply chain, and the new IPC-1754 standard to simplify the declaration of those materials as you send components along to other parties. The standard is the latest in a family of materials compliance regulations that have…

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Lessons for All From Healthcare Compliance Study


Last week SAI Global released a report on compliance trends in the healthcare sector, with conclusions telling enough that even compliance professionals in other industries should give the report some attention. The lessons and frustrations they feel in that sector might feel familiar. The report polled 388 compliance officers across a range of hospital systems,…

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All the Cool Kids Worry About Fintech Now

Finally, proof that U.S. regulators can grasp new trends or stay current on modern business issues: with startling speed and coordination, every regulator who’s any regulator has started worrying about fintech. “Fintech” is startup-speak for financial technology, a branch of the financial world that was huge already, and for some reason has suddenly captivated regulators attention all over again.…

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