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Ethics Lessons in Trump Tweets

Occasionally President Trump raises some thought-provoking points for ethics and compliance officers. Not the usual stupid stuff showcasing the ethical decay of the Trump Administration, mind you — but rather, genuinely relevant issues about corporate ethics and compliance programs, that don’t always have clear answers. Trump did that twice this week, which is two times…

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Thoughts on Workplace Violence Risks


A grimly well-timed survey landed on my desk this week, examining trends in employee background checks and “workplace security incidents.” It underlines the challenge companies face today when trying to perform employee background checks and to reduce the risk of workplace violence. The report comes from Endera, a tech firm that sells software to help…

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Salesforce Runs Into Trump Risk

Trump Risk

Another intriguing dimension to Trump Risk emerged last week, this time involving and a tart rebuke from one of the groups fighting to stop the Trump Administration from separating migrant families at the border. The story is this: In March, Salesforce signed a contract to provide staffing software and services to the U.S. Customs…

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Bad Control Environments Ruin Everything


The compliance and audit worlds like to rely on lingo such as “control environment” and “control activities” all the time. The scandal of Corporate America’s payments to Michael Cohen, personal lawyer and fixer to President Trump, reminds us what those words really mean, and why a bad control environment can sour all the control activities you…

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Oh Lord, Michael Cohen Risk Is Now a Thing


The lawyer for Stormy Daniels dropped yet another eye-popping allegation Tuesday afternoon: that some of the biggest names in Corporate America gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Michael Cohen via the same shell company he used to give Daniels $130,000 in hush money just before the 2016 election. That gasping sound you hear is…

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Trump Tests Corporate America’s Commitment to Values

Core Values

Yet again, on a certain abstract level, corporate compliance officers owe President Trump a debt of thanks. Rarely has one chief executive given us so many lessons to learn about poor tone at the top and unethical behavior. This week’s lessons, of course, stem from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.…

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Secretary Mattis’ Insights on Ethics


We begin this week with a round of praise for James Mattis, U.S. secretary of defense. On Friday Mattis circulated a memo to Defense Department staff stressing the importance of ethics, saying he expects all DoD staff “to play the ethical midfield.” The message isn’t long: five staccato paragraphs squeezed onto one typewritten page. I…

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This Is How It Ends

It ends with President Trump leaving office before his full term, of course. I don’t know exactly how he’ll leave, or when. But the crucial question isn’t whether Trump’s departure is imminent; the question is whether his departure is inevitable. So just ask yourself: Do you really believe this man can fulfill his full four-year…

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FCPA: Pilot Program Extended, and Much More


Compliance officers may feel a bit dizzy today—we’ve had a whirlwind of news related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act this week, particularly in the last 24 hours. From the Pilot Program, to voices of support within the Trump Administration, to fresh FCPA arguments in court, and that bizarro news about the U.S. attorneys, we…

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‘Trump Risk’ Disclosures Start Rolling In


When we last left disclosure of “Trump risk” just after the November 8 presidential election, only a few brave filers mentioned the victory of Donald Trump in their risk factors. Prompt as they were, those disclosures were predictably vague because nobody knew what a Trump Administration might portend. Now fourth-quarter 2016 reports are hitting the streets, with many…

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