This Is a Thing Now: SEC Filings on Weed

Rejoice, all you compliance officers who used to follow the Dead or know the nearest nonstop flight to Amsterdam by heart: some blogger out there is tracking corporate filings about marijuana.

The site is called SEC Filings on Weed! and yes, of course the exclamation point is part of its name. It purports to give the straight dope about companies dabbling in legalized marijuana, and what they disclose to investors about their joint ventures. You can also visit an apparent sister site, the Colorado Cannabis Analyst, but SEC Filings on Weed! has many more posts, plus a way cooler name.

jointWho is behind this kush operation? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t want to know; somehow, the universe seems more subversive with this person anonymously providing updates on which firms are disclosing what data about their grow shop potential. The author only identifies himself as “Wisebrow,” and I will leave it at that. Rock on, Wisebrow—drop me an email if you want, otherwise keep on toking.

I will say that whoever is providing all this 411 on 420 seems to be doing a good job. He correctly identified the first publicly traded company in the legalized weed business as Kaya Shack, and he has listened to more than one conference call from these budding businesses and then dutifully reported the details. He also followed up with a post about Kaya’s 10-K, filed earlier this spring with several photos of some mighty nice Mary Jane. Well, the SEC has been all about cutting back jargon in favor of visual images, so good for them.

My guess is that Wisebrow has some financial analyst experience, which is somewhat strange, because I thought Wall Streeters were all about cocaine. Whatever, I’ll take good intel where I find it. Bookmark the site now, before you space on the name.

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