Calendar Alert: Compliance Roundtable in Boston

Compliance professionals in Boston looking to talk shop, you may want to consider an event happening later this month.

Convercent will be hosting one of its Tech Talks on July 19, an excellent opportunity meet your peers, discuss the (many) technology challenges that face modern compliance programs, and enjoy a good meal to boot. The event is free, but registration is required and Convercent can only accommodate 15 people, so if you want to go, sign up now.

I’ll be there as a guest speaker, to warm up the group with a few comments about regulatory trends and how those trends translate into demand for more data about how your compliance program actually works. Then Convercent CEO Patrick Quinlan will lead a discussion (with lunch served as well) about the systems you’re using—or would like to use, in a perfect world—to generate that data and make better decisions about how your compliance program can help the company as a whole.

The Tech Talk will happen over lunch at Grill 23, a great location for a relaxed discussion and meeting your peers. So if you’re free that day, please consider going and register before the last few seats are taken up.

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