Well That Didn’t Last Long…

One day after compliance officers had a small bit of comfort, that one of their own was playing a key role helping the incoming Trump Administration with Justice Department issues—he’s out.

Kevin O’Connor, currently general counsel at asset management firm Point72, spent three years as global head of ethics & compliance at United Technologies Corp. He also worked in the Justice Department during the Bush Administration, alongside early proponents of FCPA enforcement and more fair treatment of companies under investigation.

O’Connor would have been the type of professional who could serve the Trump Administration well, and I still hope he lands there after Jan. 20 as deputy attorney general or some similar role. For now, however, he seems to be among the many level-headed executives tossed aside Tuesday in favor of Trump loyalists. So says an article in today’s Washington Post, anyway.

Lessons learned: Donald Trump was an erratic and insecure man before his victory, and he remains so today; the best way to follow the doings of his transition team and administration will probably be only to heed “today’s operative statement”—that is, only consider what his people say at the moment they say it. They will say something entirely new in the next breath.

Buckle up, compliance officers. This is what we get from now until Trump leaves office.



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