Self-Promotion: The Trump Compliance e-Book

I’m delighted to announce that my recent posts about the incoming Trump Administration have been included in a new e-book published by Corporate Compliance Insights. You can download the e-book for free on CCI’s website and then ponder the future to your heart’s content.

The e-book is a special project from Everything Compliance, the (usually) twice-monthly podcast featuring Tom Fox, myself, Michael Volkov, Jonathan Armstrong, and Jay Rosen. We all had been writing for several weeks about the implications of Donald Trump’s election for corporate compliance, and decided to bundle all those articles into one nifty digest for compliance professionals. CCI offered to distribute the e-book, and here we are.

Trump compliance

Download for free.

Our subjects in the e-book span the waterfront, from legislative maneuvers in Congress, to likely changes at regulatory enforcement agencies, to the future of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement. I won’t go into the details here, but I will call out one general theme.

That most important concerns of compliance & ethics officers today—FCPA enforcement—will not vanish, leaving compliance officers with nothing to do. On the contrary, the Trump Administration will probably shift from the Obama Era’s practice of heavy penalties to a new world of generous cooperation credit. Still, that means companies need a compliance program to demonstrate that they are cooperating.

And we have barely had time to mention that even if the United States starts slow-rolling anti-bribery enforcement, other nations are accelerating it. For global companies, anti-bribery compliance programs are now a permanent fixture of operations.

I still suspect that Trump himself will be a dangerous, difficult, volatile element in the American political system for years to come—and that his failures of political governance will strain the world of corporate governance. We can explore that topic in months to come.

For now, however, compliance officers have their hands full just absorbing the Trump Administration’s arrival and what it will mean to you. This e-book is a great place to start.

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