Help the Compliance Industry Out: Survey

Compliance professionals, take note: NAVEX Global has built a short survey asking about your need for industry news and career advancement materials. Please help the profession by taking a few minutes to complete it.

The survey is free, takes only a few minutes to complete, and can be anonymous if you like. It asks questions such as where you typically go to find education and career-advancement materials; how you like to absorb compliance information (via blogs, conferences, webinars, videos, etc.); the topics that interest you the most; and the general quality of the compliance information and guidance you find.

I mean, other than this blog, which of course we all love.

Anyway—the compliance industry is an ecosystem; compliance officers are always at the heart of it, but vendors in the business do need help from you so they can provide better help to you. If you could take a few minutes to participate in the survey, Navex will appreciate the help, and you have my thanks as well.


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