Compliance Officers on the Move: Feb. 10

This week’s compliance jobs report has new compliance officer appointments at Kimberly-Clark, Incyte, and Roche, among other companies. A few long-time corporate compliance officers have resurfaced in the consulting world. And anyone looking for a new type of professional challenge away from the corporate grind, several advocacy groups are looking for staff help.

I gather these bits of gossip from LinkedIn, news alerts, and friends emailing me something to include. If you have a tip to pass along, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. This report depends on people like you helping me, so send some news!

Compliance Jobs News

Ronnie Kann, former head of research and program development at the Ethics & Compliance Initiative, has gone corporate: he is now director of global ethics & compliance at Kimberly-Clark. Kann spent 18 months at ECI, and worked for 15 years at CEB in various roles before that, working with compliance and legal officers.

The pharmaceutical firm Incyte has named Jill Dailey vice president and chief compliance officer. Dailey previously spent six years in compliance roles at Pfizer.

Compliance jobsAlso in the pharma world, Darrin Reynolds has signed on as privacy and data protection consultant for new business at Roche. Reynolds had been working as an independent privacy consultant for a while, and previously spent nine years as chief privacy officer for Omnicom.

Kevin Naughton has taken a job as director of internal audit at Chicago-based Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp. Most recently Naughton had been head of audit services for the WEC Energy Group.

Vendors & Service Providers

Glenn Tyranski just turned up at FTI Consulting, as executive director in the forensic accounting practice. Tyranski previously did a stint at EY, but many may remember him for his 18 years as head of compliance for the New York Stock Exchange.

John Davidson, former head of compliance for Citigroup, has hung out his own shingle in the form of Pirnie Advisory, a one-man consulting army to help startup financial technology companies. If anyone knows the meaning of “Pirnie,” please let us know.


In Kuwait, Ahmed Kiswani is celebrating one year as chief compliance officer for Boursa Kuwait, a stock exchange there.

Nadia Leonova just hit one year at Wells Fargo, where she is senior financial crimes investigator and compliance practitioner.

Stefan Sauer is celebrating one year as head of financial crime compliance at Deutsche Bank’s Belgium operations. Which means he’s based in Brussels.

Jo-Anne Longo is celebrating five years at ITT Corp. in various ethics & compliance roles. She currently is manager of business conduct there.

And Carlos Ferreiro, corporate ethics & compliance officer for DuPont in its Buenos Aires office, is celebrating 15 years there.

Open Req Orders

TRACE International, the anti-corruption organization, is expanding its presence in the United States and has a few job openings.

The Center for Audit Quality, which previously has been annoyed when I call it a lobbying group for the audit profession, is looking for a technical manager for professional practice. Lobbying group or not, the CAQ does good work.

I gather these bits of gossip from LinkedIn, news alerts, and friends emailing me something to include. If you have a tip or want to brag about your new job, promotion, career milestone, or whatever—just email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to give credit to the many hard-working people here in our corner of the business universe.

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