Compliance Jobs Report: May 5

We start this week’s compliance jobs report at the top: Jay Clayton has a new job as head of the SEC. We also have news from Cognizant, UT Health, Microsoft, plus a bundle of interesting job posts. And to top everything off, this week’s report is unusually funny.

I gather these bits of gossip from LinkedIn, news alerts, and friends emailing me something to include. If you have a tip to pass along, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. This report depends on people like you helping me, so send some news!

Compliance Jobs News

First, Jay Clayton has been sworn in as the 32nd chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission. We wish him well and look forward to years of “Jaycusals”—Clayton recusing himself from cases involving his previous employer, Sullivan & Cromwell.

John Lazarine, who had been head of internal audit at Rackspace for more than seven years, just accepted a job as chief audit executive at UT Health in San Antonio.

Lateral move? Piyush Sharma just accepted a new job as deputy ethics & compliance officer at Cognizant, an IT outsourcing firm. He previously was deputy compliance officer for anti-bribery programs at Hess Corp.

Compliance JobsKnoll Inc. has named Mark Sterling vice president of internal audit. Sterling previously pulled a stint at AME Consulting for a few months, and before that was head of internal audit at Providence Service Corp.

Down in Brazil, Hevellyn Albres has been promoted within the Ministry of Finance, from coordinator and compliance officer to compliance analyst.

Microsoft just hired Julie Brill, former commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission, to be deputy general counsel for privacy and regulatory affairs.

Twist Bioscience, a biotech startup in San Francisco, has added the chief ethics & compliance officer title to Mark Daniels, the company’s general counsel. We applaud the decision to create a compliance function, but 5 demerits for doubling up the job on the GC.


Imad Habre is celebrating one year as group head of internal control and AML compliance at IBL Bank in Lebanon.

And in Dallas, Joan Podleski just hit one year as chief privacy officer at Children’s Health System of Texas.

Vendors & Service Providers

BlackIce Enterprise Risk Management just rebooted its website, to launch itself into the U.S. market. BlackIce is based in Vancouver, a city way cooler than most of the U.S. market.

Worth MacMurray, last seen at GAN Integrity, just turned up as a senior adviser at Ethisphere.

Open Req Orders

The Gemological Institute of America is hiring a chief ethics & compliance officer in New York, which just sounds like an interesting gig.

A “global healthcare provider headquartered in Madrid” is looking for a chief compliance officer. The job posting doesn’t identify the company, but it smells like Grifols to me. If you know, let me know.

Wells Fargo is scouting for a global ethics senior consultant. The candidate would work with Jeremy Wilson, chief ethics advisory officer at Wells, whom I know, and who is a good, thoughtful ethics professional. is hiring a senior corporate counsel for compliance. Job is in Seattle. Hold out for free Amazon Prime membership in your benefits negotiations, I say.

The Former Feds Group, a consulting firm in Washington, says it is looking to “obtain resumes” of roughly 100 investigators with counter-intelligence backgrounds open to a contract gig in Washington. Interested parties can inquire at [email protected]. No word on whether you should be fluent in Russian. <rimshot>

That’s all we have this week. If you have a tip or want to brag about your new job, promotion, career milestone, or anything else, just email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to give credit to the many hard-working people here in our corner of the business universe.


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