Compliance Jobs Report: Aug. 4

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the Compliance Jobs Report! We celebrate with another big roundup: the CCO of State Street has been promoted; StockPath has a new corporate controller; K&L Gates just poached a top FCPA lawyer at the SEC; and we have a bundle of interesting compliance jobs spanning the globe. Read on…

I gather these bits of information from LinkedIn, news alerts, and friends emailing me something to include. If you have a tip to pass along, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. This report depends on people like you helping me, so send some news!

Compliance Jobs News

Word is that Cuan Coulter has been promoted after six years as chief compliance officer at State Street Corp. Coulter will now be the firm’s head of EMEA operations for State Street Global Advisors. Word has not said anything yet about who might replace Coulter as CCO.

Colleen Golden has switched jobs. Golden previously was compliance director for the Philadelphia Corporation on Aging, and now has a new job as licensing and compliance specialist at ReMed, a rehabilitation hospital in Pennsylvania.

In the lovely state of Idaho, Idaho First Bank has named Vicky Mills chief compliance officer. Prior to Idaho First, Mills held compliance roles at numerous banks in California.

New England Investment & Retirement Group has promoted Robert Cowles to chief compliance officer. Cowles came to NEIRG in 2015 from Foreside Compliance Services, where he was managing director.

That didn’t last long: Dominic Perella is returning to his role as chief compliance officer at Snap, after one week as interim general counsel. Snap just picked up Michael O’Sullivan, partner at law firm Munger Tolles, to fill the GC job.

Kristen Stevens Sickle just started a new job as regional director for compliance at Quest Diagnostics. Sickle previously was director of healthcare compliance for the oncology division at Amgen.

Compliance jobsThe Regenstrief Institute, a medical records business in Indianapolis, has named Carl McKinley privacy and compliance officer. McKinley was last seen at Tangram Inc., where he was director of compliance and risk management.

Out in Denver, Pauline Everett is the new chief audit executive at Black Creek Group. She previously was assistant controller and head of internal controls at Pratt & Whitney.

Lisa Drucker is the new senior director for post-marketing affairs at Ipsen, a pharmaceutical company in suburban New Jersey. (Really, isn’t all of New Jersey suburban?) She previously was senior director of regulatory affairs at Celgene, also in suburban New Jersey. (See what I mean?)

Here in Boston, Macmillan Learning has promoted Laura Linnaeus to director of business process improvement; she had been director of process and data standards. Linnaeus has been with Macmillan since 2012.

Fern Fleischer Daves has been named senior counsel at Chevron down in Houston. Daves had been general counsel at Thermostat Recycling Corp. I didn’t know you could recycle them.

Syngenta has expanded the purview of Gustavo Regner, its compliance officer for southern Latin America. Regner is now risk and compliance officer for the same region. He is based in Argentina.

Web services firm StockPath has named Shelby Faubion corporate controller. Faubion comes to StockPath from DynCorp International, where he was controller and chief audit executive.

Cleveland-based MetroHealth has hired Cheryl Forino Wahl to be its first-ever chief ethics and compliance officer. Wahl previously served as chief compliance officer of EnvisionRx, in Ohio; and University Hospitals in Cleveland.

Vendors & Service Providers

Law firm K&L Gates just snagged Neil Smith, previously senior counsel at the Securities & Exchange Commission’s FCPA enforcement unit. Smith will be working from K&L Gates’ office in Boston, the coolest city in the universe.


Leonard Shen, chief compliance officer at Visa, has been named to the board of HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara, which provides shelter and other services to the homeless around Santa Clara.

Peter Funck, chief audit executive at Trafikverket (otherwise known as the Swedish Transportation Administration) has joined the global advocacy committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Margaret Morton is celebrating one year at Societe Generale, as vice president for IT compliance.

Brent Chisholm just hit one year as manager of IT internal controls at Kubota Tractor Corp. down in Dallas.

Open Req Orders

Enjoy the cooler climes? Bering Straits Native Corp. is seeking a chief ethics and compliance officer to work up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Pall Corp. is looking for a compliance counsel to work out of its Port Washington, N.Y., office.

Allianz Australia is looking for a corporate compliance officer to work in Sydney, Australia.

And bringing us home this week, Walmart is looking for an ethics coordinator in its Brazil operations, working in Sao Paolo.

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