Dispatches From SCCE 2017 Conference

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics held its annual conference in Las Vegas this week, the biggest single event in the corporate compliance industry. Radical Compliance was on the scene—catching up with old friends, meeting new people, and hearing the latest thinking on running effective compliance programs.

We’ll have more thoughts and lessons learned from the conference in future posts. For now, here are some of the highlights as stolen from Twitter.

First, how big was the conference? Like, this big. More than 1,800 people big, with attendees from more than 40 nations around the world.


The SCCE also unveiled its new logo: note the crisp, sleek type. Also pleased that SCCE is keeping the graphic on the left that supposedly is a compass, but everyone really knows it represents a ninja throwing star to whip at the general counsel.


The show-stopper of the conference were two Bosnians, Bojan Bajić and Višnja Marilović, both of Net Consulting Ltd. in Sarajevo. Bajić, standing at right, gave a hilarious recounting of how he tried to build a corporate compliance community in Bosnia. Then Marilović, at the podium, told a riveting tale of how she tried to blow the whistle on corruption at a public company where she worked, and the retaliation she suffered. Marilović brought people to tears. Both received a standing ovation they richly deserved for their courage.


Assent Compliance wins special designation since it sponsored the Monday night drinks. Plus, supply chain compliance is indeed a big deal.


SAI Global, which introduced the “Compliance Coloring Book” earlier this year, continues its cutting-edge work on goofy compliance tsotchkes:


Shot from a session discussing the importance of IT compliance— which, in the fullness of time, will become hugely important to corporations struggling with regulatory reporting and risk management.


Allstate’s compliance team represents…


Proud Houstonian Tom Fox and Louis Sapirman, chief compliance officer at Dun & Bradstreet, preparing to lead a session. I lobbed a question to them via Twitter about the wisdom of integrating cybersecurity and AML compliance functions.


And this is what a group of panelists at SCCE do in their free time before speaking.

You can find many more tweets online with the #SCCEcei hashtag. As always, a great event with excellent people. The 2018 conference is Oct. 21-24, again at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. I am already laying the groundwork to weasel a press pass.

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