Dispatches from Ethisphere GES 2018

Ethisphere hosted its Global Ethics Summit in New York this week. Originally Radical Compliance planned to be on scene reporting the news — but alas, plans changed. So instead we have a few dispatches from Twitter to capture the conversation and relay morsels of wisdom from there to you.

First, the obligatory shot of the exhibit hall, posted by none other than Ethisphere.



Nice shot here of a panel on artificial intelligence in compliance. Radical Compliance is all for artificial intelligence, especially since authentic intelligence is in such short supply.



Good tweet here from Ben DiPietro of the Wall Street Journal, possibly the most informed compliance journalist after me.


Oh look! A tweet from an actual compliance officer who just wants to give a shout-out to the profession and the GES conference.


A tweet from professional services firm Louis Berger (“Solutions for a better world!”) after a session that had to be informative, because Page Motes from Dell was there (far right) and she really does think about this stuff every waking hour of the day.


And why was I not there, you ask? Boston got socked with two feet of snow earlier this week. A shot from my back door the day I was supposed to travel down to New York.


Ethisphere’s head of communications was less than sympathetic.

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