Dispatches From HCCA Conference

The Healthcare Compliance Association is meeting in Las Vegas this week for its annual conference, where more than 3,200 compliance professionals have gathered to talk shop and score free swag from vendors. Radical Compliance could not attend in person, so as usual, we’ve gathered a few tweets and photos from the event to see what’s going on out there.

Dan Levinson, inspector general of the Department of Health & Human Services, was the opening keynote speaker on Monday, talking about the power of analytics and what HHS wants to see for effective compliance.


Cybersecurity was on the agenda, naturally. Fun fact: ransomware was subject of a two-part episode of Grey’s Anatomy earlier this year. I am sure healthcare cybersecurity is totally like that.


Casual shot of some HCCA attendees at lunch. The alcoholic content of that red drink in the foreground remains unclear…


Lloyd Dean, CEO of Dignity Health, won many plaudits for his keynote speech. We may beat them up in the press from time to time, but most CEOs are great people. Dean is one.


Tribute to Roy Snell, stepping down as CEO of HCCA and the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics this year. Snell has been a true force for compliance. I would say that even if he didn’t give starving media like me free drink tickets every year.



And we have some photos of vendor swag sent from a Radial Compliance spy on the scene. I believe the unicorn is supposed to symbolize a fully effective compliance program, since that is also a mythical being.


Source: Radical Compliance spy on the scene


The need for continuing education credits. Gets you every time.


Same, dude, same. Thankfully the HCCA meeting for 2019 will be in Radical Compliance’s hometown of Boston. We have already marked our calendars.

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