Dispatches From ECI 2018

The Ethics & Compliance Initiative held its annual conference (now breathlessly known as IMPACT2018) in Baltimore this week, drawing more than 300 ethics and compliance professionals from all over the place.

This time around yours truly did manage to crash the opening reception, although other obligations kept me from attending speeches and sessions on the agenda. So therefore, as always, I bring you a few snapshots of the conference as reported on social media.

First, we have a new acronym for the profession! “ToMo,” meaning “total motivation!” You may experience FOMO if your organization lacks ToMo.

For more context, the concept of ToMo was developed by Neel Doshi, on stage below and author of Primed to Perform.


Nice panel discussion here. Pat Harned, the always thoughtful and charming president of the ECI, is seated at far left.


Another popular speaker was Stephen Covey, author of SPEED of Trust. (Yes, “speed” is all-caps in the title.)


Effective gimmick: Covey handed out “trust playing cards” to attendees so they can remember key points about building trust and have some key phrases to use to build it.


Congratulations to Melissa Stapleton, chief ethics and compliance officer at Eli Lilly, for winning the ECI’s Marshall Award for 2018.


This is a great idea! More conferences should do it, although I will totally try to sneak Green Eggs and Ham into the display room and let others debate what a deep philosophical statement that is.


And the obligatory photo from the cocktail reception on Tuesday night.


Source: Radical Compliance Images

That’s all from Baltimore. IMPACT2018 continues today, and you can follow the conversation on Twitter at #ECI2018. Thank you to the ECI for hosting it!

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