Dispatches From Thomson Risk Summit

Thomson Reuters held its latest Risk Summit today in New York, and while I didn’t attend in person this year, those who were there did a superb job talking about the event all day on Twitter. So without further day, here are a few of the more interesting and good points raised. (Yes, really. Sometimes people raise good points on Twitter.)

First was the below poll from the audience about use of artificial intelligence in regulatory compliance, or the lack thereof: 61 percent saying AI should be part of “regtech” somehow, but they have no specific plan for how.  

I don’t doubt this statistic one bit. What’s interesting is that these opinions come from regulatory compliance folks in financial services. Meanwhile, internal audit professionals across a wide range of industries say almost the same thing: AI is a great idea with slim adoption so far.


A good point raised by Reetu Kholsa, head of client onboarding and KYC compliance at Pegasystems. (Also, a fellow Bostonian.)


Former SEC enforcement director speaks. I remain unconvinced that regulatory agencies are actually using analytics and technology in a way that outpaces financial services.


Artificial intelligence needs human intelligence to succeed. I’ve been saying as much for years.


While the below point is true, let’s all remember: a risk doesn’t care whether it’s regulated or not. If you doubt that, you haven’t learned the lesson of the financial crisis 10 years ago.


Disagree. The single biggest problem in the digital economy is bad wifi.


Excellent point, because you can assume malevolent intent from outsiders. Insiders are often well-meaning clods who didn’t read the policy manual.


If you want to see more about the summit — and seriously, folks pumped out the tweets on this one — you can find more by searching #TRRisk on Twitter. Let me know if I missed anything.

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