Dispatches From Nashville GRC Summit

Earlier this week the Institute of Internal Auditors held its annual GRC Conference in Nashville, Tenn. Since Radical Compliance could not attend this year, we grabbed a few tweets and photos published online from attendees to catch up on what was discussed. Without further delay, read on…

Our first item of note: In a sign of how much governance, risk, and compliance are merging with technology, the IIA held the GRC Conference in conjunction with ISACA, the association of IT governance and audit professionals.


Can’t have a technology conference without a keynote speaker (New York University professor Luke Williams, in this case) talking up innovation!


This is a good point, assuming your C-Suite will tolerate experiments that end in failure. Not all of them do.




An excellent point that compliance officers can also appreciate.


This statistic is quite believable and also dismaying, since digital transformation of internal audit can be profoundly useful to an organization. (See the podcast series Tom Fox and I published on this subject earlier this week.)


Obligatory photo of networking reception.


You can see more tweets from the conference under the hashtag #GRCConf — and I gotta say, ISACA did a better job pounding out the tweets. Internal auditors need to step up their Twitter game in 2019.

And in a case of cosmic GRC convergence, RSA Archer will be holding its own user conference in Nashville starting Wednesday, just a few blocks from where IIA and ISACA have been holding theirs. So that’s a lot of GRC professionals floating around Nashville this week, and it breaks my heart that Radical Compliance is not there to participate. We hope a good time is had by all.

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