Happy Holidays, Compliance World

Radical Compliance wishes a Merry Christmas (and happy non-denominational holiday) to all our readers. We will take most of the next 10 days off. Surprise posts may appear from time to time as the spirit or news moves us; otherwise, regular posting will resume on Jan. 2, 2019, with our annual list of compliance events to watch. (See how we did with our 2018 list one year ago.)

Behind the scenes, Radical Compliance will still be open for business. If you have news to announce or a rumor to pass along, drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re always eager to hear from corporate compliance, audit, or risk professionals and talk about whatever is on your mind.

Thank you again to all our supporters: readers, clients, trade associations that give us press passes, PR firms that give us advance news, business partners, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and every else. Radical Compliance exists for you, and we couldn’t do it without you.

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