Dispatches From SCCE Europe Event

The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics is holding its annual European conference this week in Berlin. Alas, Radical Compliance could not be there in person, so we’ve been scrounging social media to see what others have been saying about the event. Below are a few names, faces, photos, and dispatches from Germany.


So, um, what were they discussing about cartel risks, where a cartoon of someone on ice skates was a useful image to include?


An excellent point about slavery risk, which implies a more expansive look at your organization’s third parties.


Huh. Toll roads.


The Panama Papers were a huge contribution to the anti-corruption world, and let’s remember: two reporters working on the project have been killed. Compliance professionals should honor their contribution.


Random good point.


A look at the multiple impulses at work in the brain of the modern employee.


Drago Kos, head of anti-bribery for OECD, calls more more actual enforcement. He’s not wrong.


Perhaps one of the most important activities that happen at an SCCE event.


I see that cutbacks in the room lighting budget are taking a toll, but otherwise a good subject for compliance officer discussion.


Sounds like SCCE had another great event, and we wish all attendees taking the CCEP-I exam good luck. You can see more tweets, photos, and other posts by searching #SCCEecei online.

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