Dispatches From GAM 2019 Event

The Institute of Internal Auditors held its 2019 General Audit Management conference in Dallas this week, bringing together hundreds of corporate audit chiefs to talk about the latest trends in their profession. We couldn’t attend ourselves, so here is a smattering of posts from GAM on social media to keep you briefed on what was said there.


Not sure I agree with this point, but not sure that I disagree, either. Many organizations now do this, some even with sincere ambition for better risk assurance rather than cost-cutting. So, hmmm.  


That is Christa Steele, standing; a board director and outspoken proponent of better technology in the boardroom and in the audit function.


So true. The crucial ingredient for change is employees’ understanding that they can try, fail, and try again without punishment from the boss.




SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce is the libertarian voice on the commission, clear and outspoken with her views as always.


Small audit teams and better technology: interest is surging among this group, so no surprise in this tweet.


Should also give team members free subscription to Radical Compliance.


You can find many more posts with the hashtag #IIAGAM, and the material is well worth a few minutes of your time. Congratulations to the IIA hosting the event.

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