Glam Shots From WICA 2019

The Women in Compliance Awards were awarded Thursday night in London, celebrating women in the profession in more than a dozen award categories.

Alas, Radical Compliance could not be on scene to represent the Y chromosome, so as always, we pulled together some social media posts from Twitter to capture the festive mood and give everyone who didn’t go a big dose of party envy.

(You can find a complete list of award winners on the Women in Compliance Awards website. The finalists were announced in January.)

First, the obligatory champagne kickoff.


The crowd gathers under pink neon lights and a smoke detector.


Brazil represents in London.


Ellen Hunt, head of compliance for AARP and one of the winners at this year’s awards, discloses the menu.


Simple, accurate statement.


Had to look up who Zoe Lyons is (she’s a British comedian), but in total agreement about wine in a box; been drinking it that way for years.


Head of compliance for Pearson, Danette Joslyn-Gaul, submits a photo montage.


More women in compliance, photobombed by unknown male in the back. (Update: The unknown male is Kevin Walker, husband to Lisa Beth Lentini, chief compliance officer at Deluxe Corp. Although to be honest, “unknown male” does have a certain international-man-of-mystery ring to it…)


You can see many more posts on Twitter under the hashtag #WICA2019. Congratulations to all, including those who were finalists but didn’t take home the prize, or anyone who simply just showed up. Your commitment to the profession is noted!

Now I’m off to open another box of wine.

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