Dispatches From HCCA Conference

The Health Care Compliance Association is hosting its annual conference this week — and hosting it in Boston, hometown of Radical Compliance, so we’ve been on scene all week to hear keen compliance insights and score some free food.

As usual, we’ve pulled together a selection of social media posts so those not attending can see what went on, what was said, and what good points are worth pondering, even if you weren’t here to ponder them with your peers.

First, a view of the crowd. As you can see, it was large: HCCA estimates attendance at 3,200 people.


Congratulations to Berda Wilson, of Norton Sound Health Corp., who traveled all the way from Nome, Alaska, to receive her award!


A good point raised about conflicts of interest.


Inspiration from Diana Nyad, renowned endurance swimmer, to start Day 2.


It’s all about the analytics, people. We’ve talked about this.


This is no joke. I attended another session where a whistleblower told of confronting a suspected fraudster, who turned on the tears to throw the whistleblower off the trail.


Words of wisdom from a Massachusetts regulator about data privacy breaches.


And my own tribute to Roy Snell, recently retired head of HCCA and SCCE, who was at the conference to sign copies of his book The Accidental Compliance Professional.


You can find other tweets and updates about the HCCA conference under the hashtag #HCCAci. It was great to meet new compliance professionals, and good luck to all taking their certification tests on Wednesday!

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