Compliance Jobs Report: May 17

Another huge Compliance Jobs Report this week! The head of compliance at Dow has jumped to take that role at Baker Hughes; GEICO has reshuffled its internal control team; and we have more people coming or going at Duke Energy, Rockwell Automation, some private equity firms, and elsewhere. A great job opportunity for an audit executive who wants to do good while living in Switzerland, and more industry gossip.

I gather these bits of information from LinkedIn, news alerts, and friends emailing me something to include. If you have a tip to pass along, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. This report depends on people like you helping me, so send some news! Read on…

Compliance Jobs News

The big move this week: Kara Gordon has taken the chief compliance officer job at Baker Hughes, leaving her job at Dow Chemical where she had been chief ethics and compliance officer for five years. Gordon succeeds the legendary (and now retired) Jay Martin, who had been chief compliance officer at Baker Hughes for 15 years and was an early pioneer populating the landscape of modern compliance programs many of us take for granted today.

Samantha Kelen, lead ethics analyst at Duke Energy, is leaving the firm after four years there to join Cardinal Innovations Healthcare as chief ethics and compliance officer on June 17. (Kelen is also on the board of Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics. If you’ve attended an SCCE event, you’ve probably met her.) This also means Duke is looking for a successor to Kelen, who says that if you want to work “for quite possibly the best manager on the whole planet,” you should contact her.

Bertam Capital, a middle-market private equity firm based in California, has promoted Zoey Armstrong to chief compliance officer. Armstrong has been with Bertram since 2013 overseeing various compliance, legal, and risk operations.

Compliance JobsThe much bigger private equity firm HarbourVest Partners ($58 billion under management) has named William Royer managing director and chief compliance officer. He’ll join the Boston-based firm in June. Royer succeeds Danielle Green, who is leaving HarbourVest for destinations unknown. Royer previously pulled 18 months as chief compliance officer at Vanguard Group.

Word is that Kristen Hardy has left Rockwell Automation, where she has worked for five years as legal counsel helping to manage the compliance program. We don’t know exactly where Hardy is going next. As soon as she emails us with the news, we’ll pass it along.

GEICO, insurance giant and maker of irritating TV commercials about saving 15 percent or more on car insurance, has made a few moves in the internal control department. Michele El-Gamil, who has been with the firm since 2005, has been promoted from director of treasury operations to head of internal audit. Hollis White, with the firm since 1994, has been promoted from treasurer to controller. Neal Craig, GEICO’s chief audit executive since 2010, will succeed White as treasurer.

In Stuart, Fla., community bank Seacoast Banking Corp. has moved chief audit executive Joseph Forlenza to the chief risk officer role. Forlenza has been with Seacoast since 2017. David Houdeshell, who had been the bank’s chief risk officer, has been reassigned to chief credit officer.

Just down the road in Pompano Beach, Fla., Gabriel Cruz has a new job as chief compliance officer at Therapies4Kids. He previously had been a senior compliance consultant at AG Consulting Partners for two years.

LogistiCare, the country’s largest manager of non-emergency medical transport services, has promoted Julie Correll to chief compliance officer. Correll joined LogistiCare in 2013 as associate general counsel for ethics and compliance, and built the firm’s first comprehensive compliance function.

Gabriel Viera has been named chief compliance officer at Zenus Bank,the first bank in the U.S.A. designed for international customers.” He previously had been AML compliance officer for Activo International Bank in Puerto Rico.

Nicole Davis has a new job as head of the first line risk management office (which is an awesome title) at Charles Schwab in Chicago. Davis comes to Schwab from First Home Loan Bank of Chicago, where she had worked in risk and compliance analyst roles since 2013.

Jared Prentice has joined health insurance giant Anthem as compliance manager, working from Indianapolis. He previously was special counsel for compliance and ethics at the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Freddie Mac has promoted Michael Levin, from chief ethics officer and senior director of compliance to vice president of ethics and compliance. Levin has been with Freddie Mac since 2014; some of you might remember his stint prior to that at Boeing, where he was director of ethics and business conduct.

In Cyprus, Trade Capital Holding has named Andrea Peratitis chief compliance officer. She previously worked at Lead Capital Markets Ltd. as head of compliance.

In Nigeria, Femi Jayeola has been named chief compliance officer at Sterling Bank. Jayeola comes to Sterling from Diamond Bank (now defunct), where he had been chief compliance officer.

In Brazil, Citi has named Cecilia Carmona country chief compliance officer. Carmona had previously been chief compliance officer for BNP Paribas in Brazil for two years.

And some strange news from regulator world: Scott Mugno, the Trump Administration’s nominee to lead the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, withdrew his name from consideration this week just as the Senate was about to confirm him. We don’t know why, and this means OSHA will continue to motor along leaderless, as it has been doing since 2017.


Madalena Lari is celebrating one year as compliance and customer due diligence analyst at BP in London.

Chris Guest is celebrating 10 years at QatarGas, where he is currently head of tax and financial controls.

Vendors and Service Providers

Remember Jon Drimmer, who had been chief compliance officer at Barrick Gold until last year? He just turned up at law firm Paul Hastings, where he is a partner in cross-border compliance and enforcement issues.

In Belgium, Frank Lienen has left his job as group director of compliance and controls at Avast Software, to join Compliance-Consult SRL as managing director.

Remember when audit software firm ACL acquired RSAM, purveyor of vendor risk management software? Well, apparently the leaders there went nuts and decided to rebrand the combined company as Galvanize. I love the folks at ACL Galvanize, but I hate to see a long-time product name go the way of the dodo bird.

Then again, Galvanize also announced this week that Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has selected its HighBond platform to standardize enterprise risk management, SOX, IT risk, assurance, and advisory projects — so whatever they call it, clearly the company is still hitting its marks.

Open Req Orders

The Cherokee Nation Businesses is looking for an ethics & compliance program manager. Job is in Tulsa, Okla.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is recruiting a head of internal audit. Job is based in Geneva.

Becthel Corp. is looking for an ethics and compliance officer. Job is based in Houston, associate level; and LinkedIn tells me the average salary in Houston for a role like that would be around $107,000.

Meme of the Week

That’s all for the week ending May 17. As always — if you have a tip or want to brag about your new job, promotion, career milestone, or anything else, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to give credit to the many hard-working people here in our corner of the business universe.

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