Securities Enforcement Forum 2019

Several hundred securities enforcement professionals gathered in Washington on Wednesday for the 2019 Securities Enforcement Forum. Radical Compliance couldn’t be there in person, so we gathered a bundle of dispatches from social media to give a flavor of what was discussed. After all, when under SEC investigation, you want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible, right?


First — we’re always up for retweeting a tweet about more tweeting.


And the obligatory fireside chat to kick off a conference.


Bits, whoever that is, asks the tough question that SEC chairman Jay Clayton left unanswered.


This is what we in the news business call a non-response response.


Interesting point on disclosing cybersecurity risks.


I will send a note on my Enron letterhead asking about how these mugs were obtained.


Good points to consider about insider trading.


Whistleblower panel!


I made the same points. Nobody listened to me either.


You can find lots more on Twitter with the hashtag #enforcementforum2019. Congratulations to Securities Docket for another successful conference, and next year I will weasel my way there on a press pass if it kills me.

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