Dispatches From FEI 2019 Conference

Financial Executives International is hosting its annual Corporate Financial Reporting Insights conference in New York this week, a who’s who of financial reporting regulators, executives, and other thought leaders. Radical Compliance couldn’t attend FEI in person this year, so as usual, we’ve collected a bundle of dispatches from social media to call out interesting points made and issues raised. 


Translation: The audit firms are giving us too much grief about failing them on actual accounting rules.


I don’t dispute the premise below. My question: What about fundamental security? You can exploit holes in ERP systems to jeopardize transactions, which blockchain might be able to prevent. Second point: this suggests blockchain will be adopted first for those things ERP systems can’t do.


Good, because reconciliations, invoices, and forecasting are where a lot of mistakes happen.


Begs the question: If we have (shudder) a second term of the Trump Administration, will the SEC take a new stab at allowing filings in IFRS? Think about it.


I’m sure the anti-SOX people will love this.


So if you’re the one who reviews disclosures of Interactive Corp., which owns Tinder…


This gels with what I’ve seen elsewhere about robotic process automation.


You can find many more tweets, pithy and useful or otherwise, with the hashtag #FEICFRI2019. Thank you to FEI for hosting the event, and Radical Compliance promises to follow all the issues raised here throughout 2020 and beyond.

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