Help! Compliance Officer Survey

Calling all compliance officers who deal with internal reporting systems, which should be all of you: several academics in the “whistleblower research” field need your help with a survey they’re conducting.

Please take this survey hosted by the University of Texas, which asks several questions about how compliance professionals receive and review different types of whistleblower complaints. 

The survey is 100 percent confidential (like, they ask for no personally identifiable information at all) and takes less than five minutes to complete. 

The researchers collecting this information are Kyle Welch of George Washington University; and Ethan Burris at UT-Austin. Welch and his colleagues have done pioneering work exploring the connections between whistleblower activity and corporate performance. They were the ones who found in 2018 that higher levels of internal reporting correlate to better business performance overall — an argument every compliance officer should make to the C-suite come budget season.

So if you want more rigorous, academic-level research into why compliance programs matter, please do your part by participating in this survey. As Welch says: “Please help us learn about how organizations respond to internal reports. This can help develop best practices with implications for policy and improving the culture and functioning of organizations.” 

Welch promises he’ll give Radical Compliance a head’s up on the team’s next paper, and I promise Radical Compliance will bring that news to you in full.  

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