Radical Compliance Turns 5

We interrupt our usual stream of news and analysis about corporate compliance to note a milestone: Radical Compliance turned five years old the other day, and this post is our 1,000th piece of content for the community we love so much.

Our very first post was published on Jan. 1, 2016, announcing Radical Compliance to the world — which doesn’t quite count as news, so our first “real news” posts were an obituary of Michael Oxley and some predictions about compliance events to watch in 2016, that were both published on Jan. 4, 2016. 

Radical Compliance has been rocking and rolling ever since. Few small businesses last five years, and we’re grateful for all the support compliance, audit, and risk professionals have given us over the years. Without you telling me what should be on these pages, offering tips to chase down, or providing the occasional guest compliance meme, we’d have been sunk a long time ago. Thank you, immensely.

Our mission for Radical Compliance remains the same as what I wrote five years ago:

This blog will be more of a running commentary on the compliance world specifically and the business world in general; it will not be a news website like you might find elsewhere. Everything you see on this site is free. The vast majority of it will simply be what I consider interesting and worth a compliance officer’s attention. Some material here will be deeply penetrating insight, I’m sure; some of it will be garbage; some of it will be goofy, fun stuff to help all of us get through a day in the life of a compliance or audit executive — which can sometimes be a difficult thing to do.

Since then, we’ve written about the complexity of running a compliance program; pronouncements from government regulators both wise and dumb; social upheaval that can leave expectations of ethical corporate behavior deeply challenged — and, of course, plenty of personal compliance officer news in the Compliance Jobs Report every Friday. We launched the Jobs Report on an idle Friday morning in August 2016, and that has turned out to be the most popular and rewarding thing we’ve ever done.

People sometimes ask me what my ultimate plans are for Radical Compliance, and the truth is this. I earn a good living doing what I love, which is listening to corporate compliance officers and writing about what they do. The issues are fascinating, the people are great, and the news in this field never ends. Why would I ever stop? 

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