Compliance Jobs Report: Feb. 26

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has news from Volvo, La-Z-Boy, HSBC, and lots more. We have a big move in the compliance vendor world, jobs leads from Australia to California to Boston, and our Meme of the Week goes out to Yoda (the original, not the baby).

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Compliance Jobs News

We begin this week in Sweden, where Volvo Cars has just hired Augusta Speiser as chief ethics & compliance officer. (Volvo Cars is the automobile unit of Volvo Group, which makes much more than cars.) Speiser comes to Volvo after 10 years at Dentsply Sirona, most recently as director of ethics & compliance and data protection officer. 

Audit and advisory firm Grant Thornton has expanded the role of Beatrix Bernauer from chief compliance officer to chief risk and compliance officer. Bernauer is a principal at GT, and has been chief compliance officer there for three years. Her expanded role means she is now in charge of the firm’s enterprise risk management program. 

Talk about moving into the big chair: Raphael Richmond, senior director of corporate compliance for La-Z-Boy, is being promoted to general counsel. Richmond has been with La-Z-Boy since 2019, and prior to that was head of compliance at Ford Motor Co. 

British bank giant HSBC is reshuffling the top of its compliance function. Colin Bell, who had been group chief compliance officer for the past four years, is out of that role and off to run the bank’s European division. Assuming his duties on an interim basis is Kristy Everett, chief compliance operating officer for HSBC. Everett joined HSBC two years ago from UBS and had been working on digital transformation issues. Unclear when HSBC will name a permanent successor to Bell.

Also in London, Kristie Stephens has joined energy firm Wood as regional compliance officer for the Eastern Hemisphere. Stephens comes to Wood after not quite 18 months at Rolls Royce, where she was ethics and compliance officer for the company’s civil aerospace business. 

Alliance Data Card Services, a firm that dabbles in credit card and payments technology, has promoted Rama Mandapaka from director of AML compliance to senior director of the customer intelligence unit. Alliance Data is headquartered in Ohio; Mandapaka works from its back-office operations center in India.

The Noble Investment Group, an investment firm that targets the hotel industry, has shifted long-time CFO Jim Conley into the chief compliance officer role. Since Conley moved from one c-level role to another we’ll call it a lateral move, but we all know deep down that moving into compliance is a promotion.

Texas Capital Bank has hired Tim Storms as chief risk officer. Storms comes to Texas Capital from JP Morgan, where he had been chief risk officer for the bank’s commercial real estate division. Storms is succeeding John Turpen, who is leaving Texas Capital after three years as CRO. 

Adam Kaplan has been promoted at USAID, the federal government’s leading international development agency. Kaplan had been senior counsel in USAID’s Office of the Inspector General; now he’s deputy general counsel for investigations. 

Remember Judy Krieg, former head of compliance at both Rolls Royce and Willis back in the early 2010s? She’s joining the U.K. Serious Fraud Office to lead one of the SFO’s case divisions, apparently. Been working at the Fieldfisher law firm for the last few years. 

Julie Zhu has a new job as principal audit analyst at Deutsche Bank, working from DB’s operations center in Jacksonville, Fla. Zhu joins the bank from Novitas Solutions, where she had been a compliance auditor. 

In Singapore, Mark Gough has left his job at Schneider Electric as regional compliance officer for Asia-Pacific. He’s doing solo compliance consulting for the time being. 

Citigroup has promoted Rashada Timkee, from assistant vice president and senior sanctions analyst to vice president and compliance risk management officer. Timkee has been with Citi since 2018.

And in the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan, autocrat president Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov just named his 39-year-old son, Serdar Berdymukhamedov, chief auditor of the government. That’s how you keep your ranking in the cellar of the Corruption Perception Index, people.

Vendors & Service Providers

Big news in vendor world: GRC vendor Diligent has acquired both Steele Global and Galvanize this week, in a rollout meant to position Diligent as an end-to-end provider of all your ethics, compliance, audit, and risk management needs. Word on the street is that Diligent paid $1 billion for Galvanize and $325 million for Steele

Compliance consulting firm Duff & Phelps, which acquired investigations firm Kroll in 2018, says it’s retiring the Duff & Phelps name in favor of plain old “Kroll.” A sad moment, since “Duff & Phelps” has been around since 1932; put all your D&P swag on eBay while you can.

Cipperman Compliance Services has hired Adrea Scaramucci as a principal for its business offering compliance services to financial firms. Scaramucci comes to Clipperman from Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers, where she had been chief compliance officer. 

Open Req Orders

For those readers Down Under, ANZ Group has two jobs it’s looking to fill: third-party due diligence manager, and anti-bribery compliance communications reporting analyst. Both are in Melbourne, Australia. 

Olympus Corp. is looking for a compliance program support specialist. Job is based in Southborough, Mass., about an hour west of Boston. 

Chemocentryx is recruiting a compliance business partner, a job that kinda sorta sounds to me like top lieutenant to the VP of compliance. Job is based “in our brand new state-of-the-art corporate center” in San Carlos, Calif., or you might be able to tele-commute.  

Compliance Meme of the Week

This one came from a Radical Compliance reader! We’re always eager for meme submissions, send them if you got ’em.

That’s all for this week’s report.

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