Compliance Jobs Report: July 16

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has more woes with Credit Suisse; new hires at TikTok, Victoria’s Secret, and elsewhere; a few industry awards and other milestones worthy of congratulations; and a bunch of job leads all in Chicago. Our Meme of the Week goes out to Wes Anderson films, even though I don’t like them.

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Compliance Jobs News

We begin this week with Credit Suisse, back in the compliance personnel news again for its staffing struggles. The bank’s compliance officer for Swiss operations, Floriana Scarlato, was leaving immediately after just four months on the job. Credit Suisse has also created a new executive role to oversee counterparty market risk, which will be filled by ​​Amélie Perrier, who had been the bank’s global head of equity market risk. Perrier’s new assignment is in response to Credit Suisse’s fiasco with Archegos Capital Management, which led to ex-chief risk and compliance officer Lara Warner getting fired in April. So business as usual over there, really.

Meanwhile, Forrest Deegan, who stepped down earlier this month as chief ethics and compliance officer at Abercrombie & Fitch, has resurfaced as vice president of ethics and compliance for Victoria’s Secret. The kingpin (queenpin?) brand in women’s lingerie is still a subsidiary of L Brands for now, a company that has had its issues with corporate culture; but will be spun off into a separate business sometime later this year

Compliance JobsAnother update from social media business TikTok: the firm has hired Judith Akinosho as head of ethics for the EMEA region. Akinosho comes to TikTok from S&P Global Platts, where she had been global head of compliance for two years. TikTok also grabbed Microsoft’s vice president of ethics and compliance, Matt Penarczyk, just the other week to be legal chief for the Americas region.

Construction firm Balfour Beatty US has hired Dan LaFrance as chief compliance officer. LaFrance had previously spent 16 years with COLAS US, another construction firm, including a long stint as chief ethics and compliance officer there. has hired Siobhan Wagenheim as insurance risk and compliance officer. Wagenheim comes to the online travel website from Rand Mutual in South Africa, where she had been risk and compliance manager for two years. Wagenheim also seems to be relocating from Johannesburg to Amsterdam. 

In Washington, D.C., Erica Alexander has joined Howard University as deputy chief compliance officer. Alexander previously worked at Inova Health System just across the river in Virginia, where she had been senior director for clinical enterprise administration.

Stavvy, yet another fintech startup, has hired Beth Lehman as head of compliance and consumer protection (and as corporate counsel, but the compliance roles are way cooler and more important than the legal one). Lehman joins Stavvy from Fiduciary Trust International, where she had been chief compliance officer (and counsel) for two years. 

And Western Dental, which manages more than 350 dental practices around the South and West, has named Eric Royal chief compliance officer. Royal had previously been chief compliance and privacy officer for KPC Healthcare in Orange County, Calif., where Western Dental is based. 


Congratulations to Blair Marks, vice president of ethics and compliance at Lockheed Martin Corp., who just won the Carol R. Marshall Award for Innovation in Corporate Ethics from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative

And congratulations to Charlie Wright, chief risk officer for technology services firm Jack Henry & Associates, who was just named chair of the global board of directors for the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Vendors and Service Providers

John Holzwarth has joined ACA Group as principal consultant in the firm’s private markets group. He previously had been at Kroll as vice president for consulting and regulatory compliance. 

Open Req Orders

We’re trying something new with the Open Req Orders this week: all job leads are based in Chicago! Why? Well, why not? If you want us to feature your own city next week, let us know. 

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, which operates rehab clinics for adults and children with severe medical conditions, is looking for a chief integrity officer

Great American Power just reached a settlement with the Illinois Commerce Commission over a billing dispute, where one term of the agreement is that Great American will hire a chief compliance officer. No specifics on that yet, but you may want to investigate further if interested. 

And technology firm Genesys is looking for someone to fill the newly created role of SOX compliance manager.

Compliance Meme of the Week

That’s all for this week’s report.

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