Poll: 46% Would Report Lax Vax Policies

A new poll of more than 5,000 white-collar employees finds that nearly half of them would report their employer to OSHA if the company weren’t enforcing mandatory vaccination and testing policies — and a large majority support the Biden Administration’s push for mandatory vaccination, regardless of whether they’d report their errant employers.

So says Blind, that online service that allows professional workers to talk anonymously in private, company-specific groups. Blind surveyed more than 5,200 earlier this week, asking what they think of vaccination mandates and how they would respond if their own company wasn’t following through on vaccination requirements.

Overall, 46 percent of workers said they would report their employer to OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration), which will be the lead agency fielding complaints that companies aren’t implementing the Biden Administration’s vaccination mandates. President Biden announced new rules on Sept. 9 that all businesses with more than 100 workers would need to impose a vaccination requirement or test their workers for coronavirus weekly. 

Blind also said that 33 percent of respondents said they would not report their employer to OSHA, and another 21 percent weren’t sure. Even better, however — the Blind survey also breaks down answers by company. See Table 1, below. 

Source: TeamBlind.com

We should note that although Walmart has a large population of non-professional workers in stores and factory floors, Blind says this study only polled professional employees. So these percentages are for high-skilled, white collar workers, mostly at technology or financial services firms. (Blind also confirms a member’s place of employment by only allowing users to register with a corporate email address; after that, the users can communicate with other coworkers on the Blind platform anonymously.)

From Numbers to Policy Questions

Interesting additional item: 76 percent of respondents said they do support Biden’s push for a vaccination mandate and required testing, regardless of whether they would actually take the extra step of reporting their employer to OSHA. 

So we can infer that at least among white-collar corporate professionals, enthusiasm for vaccination mandates is generally high. My question is whether that part of the workforce might get exasperated with the willfully unvaccinated, since the latter clearly are a drag on society beating Covid-19 into submission once and for all. 

If that intransigence among the willfully unvaccinated leads to even more problems — schools that can’t stay open, hospitals still overwhelmed, mask requirements still in place — then we might start to see more vaccinated employees willing to call OSHA for employers who aren’t enforcing vaccination.

We also need to remember that this Blind survey might not be representative of the workforce at large; not every employee uses the service, and some company chat groups have more members than others. So I wouldn’t obsess over precise percentages here, but I would say that the broad findings ring true with other research showing that college-educated, white-collar workers are generally pro-vaccine and pro-vaccination.

A better way to look at the issue might also be as follows. Right now, the single largest political bloc in the United States isn’t the liberals, conservatives, young, or old. The largest political bloc in the country is the vaccinated — and they are getting mighty tired of the willfully unvaccinated screwing it up for the rest of us. 

That’s true in politics already. The question is whether it will also be true in your corporate workforce, and what implications that will bring for internal hotlines and compliance programs. Don’t let those issues catch you by surprise.

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