Compliance Jobs Report: March 17

We have quite the international Compliance Jobs Report this week. We have updates from Credit Suisse, Mastercard, several global pharma businesses, Toyota, and the best-named aerospace company ever! This year’s list of World’s Most Ethical companies is out, and Meme of the Week goes out to everyone with tight budgets.

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Compliance Jobs News

This week we might as well begin with Credit Suisse, because trainwrecks always make for interesting news. The bank’s head of regulatory compliance, Julian Gooding, is apparently leaving the bank after 17 years there, as part of a larger reorg involving thousands of job cuts. Gooding’s departure seems to be unrelated to the bank’s disclosure of material weaknesses in its financial reporting, or the bailout that the Swiss government is providing to the bank’s rattletrap of a balance sheet. Still, not a good look for the bank.

Here in the United States, Doug Seefus says he’s out from Silicon Valley Bank. Seefus had joined SVB last May as head of employee conduct compliance. He posted a very gracious note on LinkedIn (“I had a great 10 months there… we were well on our way and had made such great progress”), which is a classy way to make the best of a bad situation.  

Toyota Motor Corp. has hired Kristin Bone to be head of global anti-bribery compliance. Bone comes to Toyota after five years at consulting firm Stone Turn Group, where she had been a senior adviser for compliance issues.

In London, Lee Hatton has joined the John Lewis Partnership, a retail business there, as senior compliance officer. Hatton had previously worked at Humm, an Irish fintech firm, where he had also been senior compliance officer. 

Gustavo Regner has joined Bristol Myers Squibb as ethics and compliance director for Latin America. Regner comes to BSM after a short stint at Deloitte, and prior to that had been risk and compliance director for Mercado Libre in Argentina (where Regner will be based for the BSM job, too.)

Sticking with global pharma: Sanofi has hired Theodoros Arvanakos as global project lead for culture of ethics and engagement. Arvanakos will be working for Sanofi from Greece; he comes to the company from Novartis, where he had been ethics and compliance lead for Novartis’ Central European oncology operations.

Mastercard has promoted Clemencia Bright, from vice president of legal and anti-corruption compliance in Europe to vice president of global legal compliance. She has also relocated from London to New York. Bright has been with Mastercard in various roles since 2018.

Air Tractor, perhaps the best-named aerospace company I’ve ever heard of, has hired Jason Yoder to be trade compliance officer. Yoder lands at Air Tractor after 18 months at the quite boringly named LMJ Consulting, where he was director of compliance services. 

Plastics manufacturer Berry Global has promoted Chad Kleist, from global ethics and compliance director to vice president of ethics, compliance, and workforce development. Kleist has been with the company for almost three years.

Cybersecurity firm Cloudflare has hired Angel Corbacho Muro as regional compliance program manager, working from Portugal. Muro joins Cloudflare after seven years in various roles at AB InBev, most recently as head of compliance for “Zone Europe.” 

Prime Therapeutics has promoted Anna Meyer from senior compliance analyst to compliance manager. Meyer has been with the company since 2020.

Sarepta Therapeutics has promoted Katrina Cahill from head of global compliance to chief compliance officer. (I’ve always wondered whether a “chief” outranks a “head.”) Cahill has been with the Boston-based company since 2017.

Standard Chartered has promoted Preveza Muharremi from deputy group data protection officer to head of privacy, conduct, financial crime, and compliance. (Sounds like a lot of responsibilities stuffed into one role to me.) Muharremi has been with the bank since 2020.

T-Mobile has given a new role to Megan Campbell Visk, moving her from director of compliance risk and controls to director of compliance risk and data analytics. Visk has been with T-Mobile since 2015.

And Danielle Van de Putte has a new job as general counsel of Sever Life Sciences in Britain. Van de Putte had previously been chief compliance officer at Perspectum Ltd., a medical imaging company in the U.K. 


Brian Madonia is celebrating one year at Goldman Sachs, where he is senior vice president of internal audit.

Narottam Kumar is celebrating one year at Flipkart, where he is director of anti-corruption compliance. 

Azza Abdellah is celebrating five years as ethics officer at the World Food Programme.

Vendors & Service Providers

Ethisphere released its 2023 World’s Most Ethical Companies list this week. Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to the six companies that have been honorees all 17 years of the list’s existence. Don’t forget Ethisphere’s Global Ethics Summit happening next month!

Open Req Orders

IEEE, the global professional association for electrical engineers, is recruiting a counsel for ethics affairs — and as a bonus for you legal folks, also a counsel for intellectual property. Both jobs are based in New York. 

Western Digital is looking for an assistant general counsel for trade and anti-bribery compliance. Job is based in Irvine, Calif., with a salary range of $195,000 to $263,000.

The World Bank is hiring an ethics training analyst. Job is based in Washington, D.C.

Compliance Meme of the Week

That’s all for this week’s report.

As always, if you have a tip or want to brag about your new job, promotion, career milestone, or anything else, email me at [email protected] or find me on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to give credit to the many hard-working people here in our corner of the business universe.

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