On Vacation This Week


Thank you for visiting, dear readers, but Radical Compliance is taking some much-needed vacation this week. We likely won’t have any updates to the website, and no newsletter on Friday, Oct. 7. You can always send us tips at [email protected] Otherwise, behave yourselves and we’ll be back as usual on Monday, Oct. 11.

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Compliance Jobs Report: Sept. 30

compliance jobs

Another big Compliance Jobs Report this week. Personnel moves from Walmart, Cooper Standard, JPMorgan Chase, Estée Lauder, and many more. We have some work anniversaries to celebrate; job leads in construction, software, and health insurance; and Meme of the Week goes out to employee messaging. As always, thank you to all the compliance people sending…

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The Wall Street Messaging Crackdown

wall street

Compliance officers have quite the recordkeeping issue to mull over this week, now that regulators have hit 16 Wall Street banks with a collective $1.1 billion in fines for failing to preserve electronic communications employees were sending or receiving on their personal devices.  This enforcement action was no surprise. Rumors of a global settlement had…

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Oracle Hit 2nd Time on FCPA Violations


The Securities and Exchange Commission has sanctioned Oracle for violations of the FCPA, the software giant’s second such incident in 10 years and one that provides a chance for the rest of us to talk about recidivist FCPA offenders.  What happened? In one sense, the usual. Throughout the 2010s, Oracle subsidiaries in India, Turkey, and…

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Thoughts on Compliance Job Market


Today I want to circle back to the state of the job market for compliance professionals, because I’ve seen several items lately suggesting that while the market remains robust — it’s also a bit haywire. First is a report released earlier this month by Wolters Kluwer, the Future Ready Lawyer Survey 2022, which polled more…

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Compliance Jobs Report: Sept. 23

compliance jobs

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has numerous moves in both the biopharma research and cryptocurrency worlds; plus other personnel items at Qurate Retail, KBR, McKinsey, Dragados USA, and many more. Our job leads this week are all in the Detroit area, and our Meme of the Week goes out to… the future! As always,…

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Morgan Stanley Fined on Data Destruction

Morgan Stanley

We have quite the reminder on IT risk today courtesy of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The agency just fined a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley for poor data protection practices, which even led to one incident where the bank’s old IT equipment was sold at auction with customer data still on the hard drives.  The…

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Thoughts on ESG Controls & Reporting


I spent several days last week attending the annual user conference for Workiva, maker of audit and risk management software. ESG was all over the agenda, with numerous speakers talking about how to integrate ESG concerns into your annual audit and reporting. I took detailed notes, and my recap is below. First, I was struck…

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More Major Justice Dept. News


Corporate compliance officers, drop everything. We have a second speech from the Justice Department about corporate misconduct and compliance programs that needs your immediate attention.  Assistant attorney general Kenneth Polite gave the speech in Texas on Friday. It follows the speech that his boss, deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco, gave one day earlier in New…

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DOJ Pushes Enforcement Reforms


Here we go, compliance officers! The Justice Department has unveiled a sweeping new set of practices for enforcement against corporate misconduct, with an emphasis on taking a stern approach to repeat offenders and giving more rewards to companies that truly embrace a culture of compliance. Deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco announced the enforcement shifts in…

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