New Sweeteners for Disclosure, Cooperation


The U.S. Justice Department is amending its Corporate Enforcement Policy, offering more incentives for companies to self-disclose misconduct even if their cases involve aggravating factors that might tempt those companies to keep quiet. Companies in that predicament might still be able to secure a declination to prosecute from the Justice Department if they (1) self-disclose…

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Ethisphere’s Latest Ethical Culture Survey


Ethisphere has released its latest report on employees’ perceptions of ethical culture, finding that those perceptions generally improved throughout the pandemic, although we have a few troubling patterns with young workers worth pondering. Generation Z workers, the report found, are the least likely demographic to report bad behavior. At the same time, however, Gen Z…

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On Boards, Disclosures, and Corporate Ethics


The Securities and Exchange Commission dropped a subtle hint this week about its latest expectations for corporate boards and what they disclose to investors. Corporate governance professionals might want to take a look, since I suspect we’ll be hearing more on this issue in the future. The case involves McDonalds and its former CEO, Stephen…

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Compliance Jobs Report: Jan. 13

Compliance jobs

This week the Compliance Jobs Report has updates from GE Healthcare, Becton Dickinson, Temple University, Otis Elevator, and many others. We also have some compliance professionals joining the vendor world; job leads in manufacturing (two of them) and law firms; and Meme of the Week goes out to playing the lottery.  As always, thank you…

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FINRA Talks Cyber Risks


FINRA, the regulator for broker-dealer firms that every other compliance professional should follow anyway, has given us yet another piece of nifty guidance: its annual report on regulatory examinations, brimming with advice about risks related to cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, and other issues.  Like most other financial regulators, FINRA examines the compliance programs of businesses under…

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‘Office Space,’ Fraud, and Controls

Office Space

They say that life sometimes imitates art. Now we have an example of that in the world of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, courtesy of that knucklehead in Seattle charged the other week with embezzling company money just like those characters in the film “Office Space.”  You may have already seen the headlines. A former IT employee at…

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Compliance Jobs Report: Jan. 6

compliance jobs

Welcome to 2023, compliance enthusiasts! We are back with our first Compliance Jobs Report of the year, with updates from Pepsico, Kimberly-Clark, Discover Financial, Etsy, and many more. Lots of work anniversaries to note too; plus job leads in drug development, advertising — and voting! Plus our Meme of the Week.  As always, thank you…

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Lessons From Coinbase’s Compliance Flop


Another week, another scandal in the cryptocurrency world that offers lessons in corporate compliance for the rest of us. This time around the culprit is trading platform Coinbase, which just agreed to pay $50 million to New York state regulators and to spend another $50 million over the next two years to improve  its compliance…

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Why Internal Auditors Are Annoyed

internal auditors

Today I want to circle back to that proposal from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board about third-party confirmations in financial audits, a seemingly reasonable idea that in practice has alienated legions of internal auditors. We should take a few minutes to understand why that is. For those who missed our first post on this…

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Compliance Events to Watch in 2023


Welcome back to the grind, fellow compliance enthusiasts — and if you need a break from answering all those emails you ignored last week, fear not! Radical Compliance is here to help, with our annual list of compliance events worth watching in the next 12 months.  Every January I try to identify those events likely…

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