Compliance Jobs Report: Sept. 16

compliance jobs

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has news from Warner Bros., Cronos Group, Tufts University, a bundle of financial services firms, and lots more. We also have some news from the compliance vendor world, plus job leads in law firms, fuel depots, and sporting arenas — and don’t forget our Meme of the Week! As…

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SEC Hits VMWare on Earnings Management


The Securities and Exchange Commission slapped software giant VMWare with accounting fraud charges Monday, accusing it of slow-rolling the delivery of software to customers so the company could prop up its order backlog and delay revenue recognition into future quarters.  VMWare will pay $8 million to settle the charges, a paltry sum for a $10…

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Suicide Prevention & Speak-Up Culture


Today we have a reminder about the importance and value of a speak-up culture from a rather unlikely source: the new U.S. suicide prevention hotline, which is already receiving more calls than anyone expected. The 988 hotline went live on July 16, replacing the longer, toll-free hotline number that people had used for decades prior.…

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Compliance Jobs Report: Sept. 9

Compliance jobs

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has fresh news about CEVA Logistics’ compliance leadership, plus other news from Lockheed Martin, Rapid7, Centene Corp., and many more. Job leads this week are all up and down the West Coast, and Meme of the Week goes out to all our frenemies in legal! As always, thank you…

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‘Climate Risk Compliance’ Coming for Banks


It’s a double shot of news today for regulatory compliance officers in the banking world: two major regulators promising a more rigorous review of climate risks within the coming year.  Michael Hsu, head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and Michael Barr, vice chair for supervision at the Federal Reserve, both gave…

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Study: Deferred Comp Boosts Ethics


We have a fresh bit of ethics and compliance academic research to start our week: a study from Australia demonstrating that deferred compensation is indeed a good way to curb misconduct risk among employees — and can even boost employee productivity, too.  The study comes from Elizabeth Sheedy, business professor at Macquarie University and director…

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Compliance Jobs Report: Sept. 2

compliance jobs

What better way to celebrate the Labor Day Weekend than reading up on the labor news of compliance and audit professionals? This week’s Compliance Jobs Report has items from CEVA Logistics, Dollar General, PPG, Amazon Web Services, and more. We also have job leads in pharma, higher education, and banking; and Meme of the Week…

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Twitter, Part II: Security Control Failures


Today we return to that whistleblower complaint against Twitter announced to the world last week. The complaint contained all sorts of allegations about poor cybersecurity and privacy governance — so what were those allegations, exactly; and what lessons can other compliance and audit professionals learn here?  As you might recall from our previous post, the…

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SEC Reforms Whistleblower Reforms


The Securities and Exchange Commission quietly voted last week to expand the ways that whistleblowers might win awards for reporting misconduct to regulators, and reversed previous rule changes from the Trump Administration that capped especially large awards. Neither development is a surprise, nor should they be particularly disruptive to the internal reporting programs that corporate…

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A Compliance Experiment in GIFs


Any compliance professional worth his or her salt knows that clever communication about ethics and compliance policies is crucial to winning over employees’ enthusiasm. So when a compliance officer (who shall remain anonymous) shared with me a prototype “anti-bribery compliance through GIFs” — well, that was too good not to publish.  Therefore we humbly submit…

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