The Bonkers Allegations Against Binance


\You may have heard by now that earlier this week, regulators filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency trading platform Binance. I just read the complaint, and have good news: however whacko your own company’s bad habits might be, the allegations against Binance are way more crazy. The regulator responsible for this bombshell of bizarreness is the…

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Compliance Jobs Report: March 24

compliance jobs

This week the Compliance Jobs Report notes new compliance leaders at Mastercard and Danske Bank; chief audit executive moves at CVS Health and University of Utah; and other promotions and personnel moves elsewhere. Job leads this week are in medical devices, cash, and consumer goods. Meme of the Week goes out to defective compliance programs!…

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More on ‘Extraordinary’ Cooperation


Still wondering what the Justice Department means when it says it wants “immediate” self-disclosure of corporate misconduct and “extraordinary” cooperation and remediation for severe FCPA cases? Good news: we now have a bit more understanding of those terms, straight from the Justice Department official who coined them. Assistant attorney general Kenneth Polite, who has been…

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Dispatches From SCCE Europe 2023


The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics is holding its annual European conference this week in Amsterdam. Alas, Radical Compliance could not be there in person, so we’ve been scouring social media to see what others have been saying about the event. Below are a few names, faces, photos, and dispatches from the Netherlands! Roughly…

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Congress Tries Anew on Whistleblower Fixes


Several big names in the Senate have filed legislation that would clarify the protections for whistleblowers who first report their concerns to internal compliance teams and force the SEC to decide whistleblower awards more quickly. Dubbed the “SEC Whistleblower Reform Act,” Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, filed the bill last week along…

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Compliance Jobs Report: March 17

compliance jobs

We have quite the international Compliance Jobs Report this week. We have updates from Credit Suisse, Mastercard, several global pharma businesses, Toyota, and the best-named aerospace company ever! This year’s list of World’s Most Ethical companies is out, and Meme of the Week goes out to everyone with tight budgets. As always, thank you to…

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The Latest FCPA Declination


We have yet another example of the Justice Department trying to put its new corporate misconduct policies into practice, allowing a Pennsylvania coal company to pay only $1.2 million to settle FCPA charges thanks to the company’s voluntary self-disclosure and other cooperative actions. The company in question is Corsa Coal Corp., a company that does…

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Early GRC Lessons From SVB


Life comes at you fast, a point that many tech companies and banks are contemplating today thanks to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Unfortunately this sorry debacle also raises many issues for the larger community of risk managers, regulatory compliance officers, and auditors, so let’s take a look. As I write these words on…

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Compliance Jobs Report: March 10

Compliance jobs

Lots of news in the Compliance Jobs Report this week! Updates from Starbucks, General Electric, Nouryon, Linde, Schnitzer Steel, New York Life, and many more! We also have job leads in retail, financial services, and more financial services; and Meme of the Week goes out to all the single ladies! As always, thank you to…

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Compensation & Misconduct: Two Examples


Everyone is buzzing these days about the Justice Department’s new ambitions to include executive compensation plans and disciplinary policies as part of effective corporate compliance programs, so today let’s review two recent enforcement actions that department officials have cited as examples: Danske Bank and Safran.  Both cases were resolved in December. Danske Bank pleaded guilty…

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