SEC Whacks Whistleblower Waivers Again


Well we didn’t expect that so soon: for the second time in less than a week, the Securities and Exchange Commission has fined a company for trying to strong-arm employees into waiving whistleblower rewards for reporting potential misconduct. This time around the target is Health Net, an insurer based in Los Angeles. The company agreed…

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Four Points on AML Compliance


Yesterday I had the good fortune to moderate a compliance forum on financial crime, hosted by RANE Network and Exiger. As you can imagine, anti-money laundering compliance is a huge concern for financial firms these days, so let me distill a few themes from the conversation here. Conflicting messages from regulators came up quite a…

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Lucrative Trends Only Getting Bigger in Compliance

Last week a mid-career compliance professional, someone with significant experience in the financial regulatory world, dropped me an email to say he is taking an early retirement buyout. So what compliance fields, he asked me, are likely to see healthy career prospects for the next 10 years or so? To my thinking, the trick to…

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Small Moves Forward in Assessing Terrorism Risks

Compliance officers in the financial world, take note: financial crime regulators may be edging a bit forward on their approaches to fighting terrorism funding. At least, that’s one way to read this week’s statement from the Egmont Group, an affiliation of financial crime regulators trying to develop coordinated approaches to fighting money laundering and terrorism…

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