Small Company Audit Disaster


Wild news from the auditing world this weekend: regulators have suspended an audit firm in Colorado for fabricating its work with clients. Hundreds of businesses — including for Donald Trump’s newly public Truth Social — must now scramble to find new audit firms and re-perform prior audit work. The Securities and Exchange Commission dropped this…

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Guidance on Root Cause Analysis

root cause analysis

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has published fresh guidance on how to perform a root cause analysis, for anyone out there who wants to understand the root of your problems.  The guidance, published Tuesday, is geared toward audit firms rather than corporate businesses, so not all the advice in its nine pages will be…

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Dispatches From FEI 2019 Conference

CFRI 2019 conference

Financial Executives International is hosting its annual Corporate Financial Reporting Insights conference in New York this week, a who’s who of financial reporting regulators, executives, and other thought leaders. Radical Compliance couldn’t attend FEI in person this year, so as usual, we’ve collected a bundle of dispatches from social media to call out interesting points…

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New PCAOB Guidance on Estimates, Specialists


Heads up, audit professionals: the PCAOB has released fresh guidance on how to audit accounting estimates and how to use specialists in complex audit work — two issues that are the subject of new audit standards going into effect in 2021. Each subject has two pieces of staff guidance, so that’s four PDFs for you…

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Overseeing the Audit Amid a Winter of Turmoil

As Wall Street crashes around our ears this week—down 1.5 percent just today, and off to its worst yearly start ever—audit committees at financial firms should strap yourselves in. This year’s audit could be the most tumultuous you’ve overseen in a long while. At least, that’s the conclusion I reach as I re-read the guidance…

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